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Kdubiq Final Symposium

Kdubiq Final Symposium

May 30th, 2008 - Libelium

During the days 13th and 14th of May 2008 Libelium was invited to expose its investigation results in the Kdubiq Final Symposium (in Bonn) with the lecture ‘Smart Motes for KDubiq technology’. Likewise, we also participated in the Workshop on Industrial Applications, which was held in Oporto during the days 4th  and 5th of March: KDubiq (Knowledge Discovery in Ubiquitous Environments), has been coordinated by the European Union and the IST (Information Society Technology) and it has met investigators from Europe, Asia and EEUU throughout 4 years of length.  The principal aim of this project is the discovery and identification and analysis of emerging investigation areas related to distributed systems, acquisition and data analysis. As a principal result of all these conferences the book “Blueprint on Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery Systems” is going to be published and it will compile the main investigating tendencies in this new area.

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