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Investigation prize granted by the Economic and Social Council of Aragon

Investigation prize granted by the Economic and Social Council of Aragon

January 22nd, 2007 - Libelium

In January the 22nd 2006  was celebrated the prize-giving of the prize to the Best Investigation Project 2006, granted by the  Economic and Social Council of Aragón (CESA). That year, the prize was awarded to the investigation group of Libelium, for its proposal Sensor Network for controlling forest fires in Aragón. The study in focused in the solution of the problem of the fires in open environments, especially the in the forests, by early detecting the focuses.
At present, the methods used for observing the environment work by placing observatory posts with operators and sometimes, by using satellites.
These alternatives are expensive and limited in very specific areas, that is why they are not always efficient. The gravity of the forest fires and its importance for the society request a compromise of the investigator community for keeping searching and improving solutions. The interest and concern in the environment, in its repercussions in the society were the main motivation of Libelium to start this project.
Angela Lopez, president of CESA, enhanced that the decision of the jury was taken unanimously “taking into account the scientific content and the quality of the project and also its originality and interest in a regional subject”. Libelium members were grateful for the social work of the institution and the important impulse that these prizes represent for the investigation in Aragón.

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