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N-vio: the marketing box

N-vio: the marketing box

September 30th, 2009 - Libelium

What can you expect when you receive an N-vio? In this post we show the N-vio packaging and the items included in the box for performing bluetooth proximity marketing.

The first thing to appear when opening the box is a summary of the user guide (both english and spanish versions). The rest of the documentation can be found in the support section. 

Below the user guide, we found a protective foam tray with the following items:

  • N-vio
  • N-vio anchorage
  • POE
  • 220V-18V charger
  • Ethernet cable
  • Crossover cable

Take a look to the user guide to see how to connect these items to start working with N-vio.

Finally, after removing the first foam tray we discover another one with the antennas. There is space for the outdoor antennas included with the N-vio and for the indoor antennas optional kit. For more information about this kit read the accesories guide.

With this packaging you can transport anywhere your N-vio in a secure way and send bluetooth marketing campaigns everywhere.


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