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Meshlium: the power of modularity

Meshlium: the power of modularity

October 19th, 2009 - Libelium

Have you ever wondered how many Meshlium models can be configured? The incredible answer is 177! This is possible thanks to Libelium’s philosophy of creating modular products allowing customers to add just the needed hardware. Don’t you believe it? Keep on reading.

Lets explore the result. If you are familiar to combinatorics the reasoning will be easy, if not, this could be a good start.

Meshlium has the following variables: 3 wifi radios (2.4GHz low power, 2.4GHz high power and 5GHz high power) 4 modules (ZigBee, GPS, GPRS and 1 to 3 Bluetooth devices)  and 3 storage options (8, 16 and 32GB) so…

#models =

3* [ (each configuration can be built with 3 different storage sizes)

4 (possible configurations just combining the wifi radios without modules)

+ C4,1 (possible configurations with 2.4GHz low power wifi radio and 1 module)

+ CR4,2 -3 (2.4GHz low power and 2 modules, in the case of bluetooth it can be repeated, so we need to substract the configurations that repeat zigbee, gps and gprs)

+ CR4,3 -9 (2.4GHz low power and 3 modules, again we need to substract the configurations that repeat zigbee, gps and gprs)

+ 3* [ (possible routers with 2 wifi radios)

C4,1 + (possible configurations with 1 module)

CR4,2 -3 (combinations with 2 modules, one more time, repetitions of zigbee, gps and gprs must be substracted)

]] = 3* [4 + 4C4,1 + 4CR4,2 + CR4,3 -21] = 177

Please, note that in order to simplify the calculations we have not considered the 5 different models of ZigBee modules you can choose, you can try it at your own as a pastime.

But with no doubt, the most amazing thing is that this 177 different models fit in the same briefcase and are shipped using the same packaging.

Fortunately, chosing between these 177 Meshlium models is as easy as filling the following form.



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