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New e-learning Waspmote Courses

New e-learning Waspmote Courses

June 29th, 2012 - Alberto Bielsa

If you have already bought our products, then you may want to get a deeper knowledge on some subjects such as accelerometer, OTAP or even interaction between Waspmote and Meshlium. Libelium has prepared small pills to transfer our knowledge to you in order to minimize your development time:


  • Wednesday, 5th of September 10:00 CET: SD Card, Accelerometer and RTC (2h)
  • Thursday, 6th of September 17:00 CET: SD Card, Accelerometer and RTC (2h)
  • Wednesday, 12th of September 10:00 CET: Wifi and Bluetooth (1,5h)
  • Thursday, 13th of September 17:00 CET: Wifi and Bluetooth (1,5h)
  • Wednesday, 26th of September 10:00 CET: OTAP (2h)
  • Thursday, 27th of September 17:00 CET: OTAP (2h)
  • Wednesday, 3rd of October 10:00 CET: Waspmote and Meshlium interaction (2h)
  • Thursday, 4th of October 17:00 CET: Waspmote and Meshlium interaction (2h)


Please, visit our training website for more details about our e-learning platform or contact our sales department for more information.



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