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APC IoT Technologies at Smart IoT London

APC IoT Technologies at Smart IoT London

May 10th, 2016 - Libelium

The UK Libelium distributor APC IoT Technologies participated in the SMART IoT London that took place in April 12 & 13. APC IoT Technologies showed in its booth a Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture solution and its applications.

SMART IoT London is one of the largest IoT conferences, it features an exhibition with more than 200 presentations, and over 20,000 visitors are expected to attend from enterprise and technology to R&D and developers.

APC IoT Technologies offers a comprehensive range of market-leading IoT products and solutions to help organizations deliver improved performance and enhance operational efficiency. They work closely with OEM’s, systems designers and integrators to deliver the technical design expertise and on-going support required to make the smart integration of our technologies a reality.

APC IoT Technologies at Smart IoT LondonAPC IoT Technologies at Smart IoT London

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