Course on Design and Architecture of IoT solutions

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Design and Architecture of IoT solutions

Design and Architecture of IoT solutions


Module 1

IoT solutions for the most demanded applications: What to know to set up a smart project

  • Smart applications for an interconnected world: the Libelium's vision.
  • Interoperability as the basis of Libelium's IoT platform: any sensor, any protocol, any cloud platform.
  • IoT solutions for environmental sustainability: precision agriculture, smart water management and environmental management.
  • IoT solutions for urban and industrial environments: smart parking, noise and pollution control, smartphone detection, industrial protocols.
  • How to identify each player in the IoT business ecosystem.
  • Packaged solutions: The IoT Marketplace. How to start selling a complete platform with hardware, software and cloud service. Sensors: what and how to measure different parameters.

Module 2

IoT Solutions Architecture: How to develop an IoT platform step by step

  • Introduction to Plug & Sense!
  • Specific precision properties of each sensor.
  • The importance of calibration.
  • Communication: 802.15.4, 868 MHz, 900 MHz, WiFi, 4G, Sigfox and LoRaWAN.
  • Industrial protocols: RS-232, RS-485, Modbus and CAN Bus.
  • Methodology: power consumption, sample time and power supply options.
  • How to program the sensors: the Programming Cloud Service.
  • Demo: from sensors to the cloud through Meshlium gateway.

Attendants profile

For professionals → interested in applying IoT technology to their organizations.

You will learn everything you need to set up a smart project and how to develop an IoT platform step by step.

CEOs, CTOs, CFOs and everyone interested in how to use the IoT in their companies.

Skills needed

No needed.




2 Modules.

Note: It is recommended that the student will need to dedicate 8 hours to take advantage of this course.


The holder of the course may request an online diploma accrediting 8 hours of online training.


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David Bordonada

IoT Expert and Evangelist at Libelium

Yuri Carmona

R&D Engineer at Libelium

Fernando Rausell

Business Development at Libelium

Dani Sanz

Sales Area Manager at Libelium

What attendants say...

"The instructors shared their experiences in the industry, so we had personal insight and that was awesome."

Marni binti Dato’ Mohd Rani (Maxvec Sdn Bhd)