» Accelerometer Programming Guide

This guide shows how to use the Waspmote built in accelerometer, how to read the acceleration on the 3 axes (X,Y,Z) and establishing 4 kind of events: Free Fall, inertial wake up, 6D movement and 6D position which are explained in the Interruptions Programming Guide.

» Data Frame Guide

This guide shows how to create formatted frames with a library included within Waspmote API. This tool will be very useful in order to create sensor frames and transmitting them with any kind of communicating module that Waspmote provides.

» IDE User Guide

This guides explains how to install and use the new Integrated Development Environment for Waspmote. The IDE is the tool the developer uses to write, compile and upload code to Waspmote, so this is an important guide.

» Programming Guide

This guide contains general advice about programming in the Waspmote IDE environment, as long as some useful tips to handle the mote resources, interact with other Libelium devices and services or help with the final deployment of the motes.

» Utilities Guide

This guide shows how to execute some useful utilities that Waspmote API provides. We will learn how to get the free memory, convert between different types, use the EEPROM memory, use the USB port and use the programable LEDs.