Face-to-Face Workshops

Waspmote Workshops

The training courses are the best way to get started with the Waspmote Platform. There is a basic training course (2 days) and an advanced training course (1 day):

Basic training course: In just 2 intensive days you will walk step by step from installing the compiler to write your first programs and interact with sensors and communication modules.

Advanced training course: Extra day dedicated to a further understanding in Waspmote and Meshlium programming development.


Basic training course:

  1. Waspmote Introduction
  2. SD Card
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Real Time Clock (RTC)
  5. Sleeping Modes
  6. Xbee Radios
  7. Sensor Boards
  8. Interaction Waspmote-Meshlium

Advanced training course:

  1. Send data from Waspmote 4G/WiFi to Cloud
  2. Industrial protocols
  3. OTA via WiFi
  4. Integration of new interruptions in Waspmote
  5. Waspmote actuator (WiFi as TCP listener + Events board relay)
  6. Meshlium Cloud Connector development
  7. IoT security


Date Time
Basic Advanced
March 6th - 7th (14h) March 8th (7h) 9am - 5pm (Spanish time)
June 18th - 19th (14h) June 20th (7h) 9am - 5pm (Spanish time)
September 10th -11th (14h) September 12th (7h) 9am - 5pm (Spanish time)
November 6th - 7th (14h) November 8th (7h) 9am - 5pm (Spanish time)

Note: Attendance required of at least 5 people to each Workshop.

Resources and Material

The workshops will be held in Libelium facilities in Zaragoza, Spain. Attendees will bring their laptop and Libelium will provide each of them with a Waspmote Kit. No previous knowledge in Libelium products is required. However,it is highly recommended to have programming skills (C language) in order to take advantage of the training course. Lots of programming examples will be used along the training course so as to learn how to manage the Waspmote platform.


The workshops will be taught in English unless all the attendees are Spanish speakers.

Additional info

- Lunch included.

- Discount available on accommodation.