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Event: Internet of Things in Aragón

Event: Internet of Things in Aragón

June 20th, 2015 - Libelium

Next July 8th, Libelium will be hosting an Internet of Things in Aragón meeting.

Libelium has been working over the past 9 years on this field and would like to share its experience with its closer environment.

This meeting will include 4 case studies related to the industrial sector, logistics, and monitoring of aquatic and agricultural environments. These are fully developed and already operational projects in Libelium surroundings.

Alicia Asín, CEO, and David Gascón, CTO, will be part of this event and will introduce some of the case studies that will be explained during the day.

Internet of Things in Aragón will take place at Libelium headquarters. Check a map here.

You can check all the information and the complete agenda here.

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