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Libelium and Plasma’s C2M Partner to Simplify IoT Solution Deployments

Libelium and Plasma’s C2M Partner to Simplify IoT Solution Deployments

May 16th, 2017 - Libelium

Libelium and Plasma partnership will offer all the necessary components to deploy Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) or Smart Cities projects with rapid time to market.

Libelium and Plasma’s C2M® announced a strategic partnership to enable customers rapidly deploy IoT Ecosystems. Meshlium, Libelium’s multi-protocol IoT router and gateway is now tightly integrated with the C2M® Platform, giving customers out-of-the-box capabilities to implement IoT solutions. Meshlium can be used as a central access point for wireless network sensors, and incorporates capabilities of C2M® to deliver solutions such as smart parking, irrigation control, air quality monitoring, smart agriculture, and many more.

This combined approach drastically reduces the complexity of implementations, thereby reducing costs and time-to-market for customers. “This partnership allows to extend the interoperability to new IoT projects that look for scalability and horizontal perspective”, said Alicia Asín, CEO of Libelium, “we are combining two state-of-the-art technologies to deliver robust and secure IoT solutions to the market.”

“This is a superior IoT market offering,” said Mahesh Ramu, Vice President of IoT Strategy and Operations at Plasma C2M®, “Libelium and Plasma are taking IoT to an entirely new level. The simplicity of this out-of-the box IoT capability greatly benefits end customers by simplifying and reducing costs of IoT deployments.”

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Libelium-C2M Development Kit

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