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Libelium Extends its Ecosystem with New Distributors in the Five Continents

Libelium Extends its Ecosystem with New Distributors in the Five Continents

October 10th, 2017 - Libelium

Enlarging its partnership and distributorship network is one of the strategic perspectives of Libelium’s Ecosystem. In the last months, the company has signed important agreements with fourteen new distributors along the five continents. These technological companies with great expertise in the sector join our fourty-four current distributors worldwide.

The new distributors enter into the Libelium ecosystem being aware of the growing potential of the IoT sector. Being an official Libelium distributor gives these companies the possibility to develop IoT projects using the Libelium Sensor Platform and its various vertical applications so they can take benefit from the opportunities and advantages that Libelium offers to built a stable entrance and growth in their national markets.

David Bordonada, Channel Sales Key Account Manager at Libelium points out that “the majority of our distributors highlight our horizontal platform as a key factor in order to penetrate in the market offering solutions for smart cities, agriculture, parking, environment, and water, among others”.

Libelium is a company with great international prestige in the IoT sector and presence in more than 120 countries along its trajectory. Our distributors can benefit from the solvency of a manufacturing leader.

Taking part of Libelium’s distributorship network not only brings solidity and reputation, but also experience and knowledge thanks to training courses and technical services specific for the channel sales demands. Entering into Libelium’s ecosystem means to access to differentiate offers and more advanced services allowing distributors to give a better customer service.

New countries are covered now with this ecosystem enlargement, you can check them in the table below:

Distributor Name Countries

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo and Slovenia
Alpha & Omega Germany
Cyberteq Burundi, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenia, Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia
Electrónica I+D Colombia
Energy IoT Thailand
Ingram Micro Europe
Insig Technologies Australia
IoT Store Australia
MAXVEC Malaysia
Okkos India
Rack2 Argentina
Smart Distribution LLC Russia
SmartCity TNG Argentina
Waves Sensors Chile

Please visit our Ecosystem page to know more and keep updated at our Ecosystem News section.

If you want to join our IoT Ecosystem or want more information about it, contact the Libelium Sales Department.

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