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Libelium featured in “Your consumption can change the world”

Libelium featured in “Your consumption can change the world”

May 9th, 2017 - Libelium

Libelium has contributed to the book “Your consumption can change the world” written by Brenda Chavez, journalist and lawyer. Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO, has given her vision about worldwide market trends specially about the change that technology is making in all sectors putting people at the core of everything.

“The new industrial and technological revolution in all verticals of the market involves for the first time in history, not only companies or governments but also individuals“, has stated Alicia Asín. The idea of the book is to show that everyone can make a decision and that the act of any consumer influences a global way of production.

One of the IoT key sectors, and also for Libelium, are the Smart Cities. Alicia Asín has always warned about security issues but also highlights the great possibilities that wireless sensor networks provides in cities: “Urban mobility (bike-sharing, car-sharing, community or electrical cars, etc.), renewable energies or innovations such as smart grids or smart lighting that can cut down the electric bill adapting the weather needs”.

The IoT consists on connecting everything to the Internet to gather information, study it and also optimize this data. “We can reduce CO2 emissions, the time we spend searching for a car park, automate irrigation systems and also develop smart urban plans”, has pointed Alicia.

Discover the book trailer on Youtube. If you are interested in the book, visit this website.

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