Past Events:

Wtech – La revolución de la innovacion: confluencia mujer y tecnología: 21 November 2018, Zaragoza, ES

Alicia Asín, CEO and Co-founder of Libelium, will participate in the round table “The Revolution of the Innovation: Women and Technology Converge”, inside the series “Wtech” organized by the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce.

Alicia Asín will speak about the Internet of Things as a way to promote transparency and democracy, she will analyze the evolution of IoT application in Smart Cities: from the first uncertain business models to these days in which the technology, economic and social boundaries are proved.

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La tecnología del IoT en la Bodega Pago Aylés: Cómo mejorar la calidad de las viñas: 16 November 2018, Zaragoza, ES

Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO, will participate in the Round Table “Sensorization of vineyards with IoT technology”. This event will take place on the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza on the 16th November 2018, 12:00 (CET).

Participants at the round table will list the benefits of the Internet of Things in viticulture. IoT technology applied to precision agriculture helps improving productivity, saving costs and increasing predictive capacity in determining strain behavior during the grape ripening process.

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Eurocities KSF Meeting – Co-creation and urban data: 23 October 2018, Zaragoza, ES

The Eurocities Knowledge Society Forum Meeting will be celebrated between the 22nd and the 24th October 2018 in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. With continuation on the citizens’-engagement-narrative initiated in Ghent, Zaragoza will focus on the usage of urban data in co-creating our cities.

Alicia Asín, CEO and Co-founder of Libelium, will be participating as speaker in the conference ‘Citizen Data in Human Smart Cities’, which will take place on the 23rd October at 17:00 (CEST). Alicia will speak about democracy in the digital age, this conference aims to invite citizens to hear inspirational discussions on how European cities can steer an inclusive, citizen-oriented, digital transformation of society.

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Powering the IoT Revolution: 23 October 2018, Johannesburg, ZA

Libelium’s distributor in South Africa, IPSoft, has organized an IoT event in partnership with Vodacom (local brand of Vodafone). This conference will be held on the 23rd October 2018 at Vodacom World Business Park, Johannesburg (South Africa).

Fernando Rausell and Javier Gabás, Libelium’s Sales Area Managers for South Africa, will be speaking about different topics related to Libelium’s experiences, real implementations and interoperability.

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IoT Solutions World Congress 2018: October 16 – 18, Barcelona, ES

Libelium will participate in IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona. The event will take place in Fira Barcelona between the 16th and the 18th October 2018.

IoT Solutions World Congress is one of the leading international events that links the Internet of Things with industry. The latest edition of the event augmented its figures with more than 13,000 visitors.

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10 años de ESADE en Cámara Zaragoza: 03 October 2018, Zaragoza, ES

On the 3rd October 2018, Libelium will be participating in the ESADE’s tenth anniversary celebration event that will be held at Cámara Zaragoza.

Cristina Amoribieta, Finance and Human Resources Director at Libelium, will be joining a round table with other ex-alumni to discuss about the integration of graduates in the labour market.

Jornada: 10 años de ESADE en Cámara Zaragoza
Mesa redonda: Mesa experiencia participantes de ESADE
Fecha: 3 de octubre de 2018
Lugar: Cámara de Comercio de Zaragoza

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Interreg Sudoe Transener Session: 14 June 2018, Zaragoza, ES

On Thursday the 14th of June 2018, David Gascón, CTO and Co-founder of Libelium, will be presenting the case of “Libelium: Models of Successful Innovative Companies”.

Between the 13th and 14th of June, members of the scientific community, industry and companies will be particiating in the “Knowledge and Technology transfer and Smart grids” modules.

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