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Microsoft Summit 2017: November 7, Bucharest, RO

Microsoft Summit 2017: November 7, Bucharest, RO

October 26th, 2017 - Libelium

On November 7th, Microsoft celebrates the Microsoft Summit 2017 at Bucharest (Romania) and Libelium will be participating in this event as speaker.

Sandra Pradilla, Key Account Manager Distribution Channel will present the main characteristics of Libelium technology: interoperability, horizontality and scalability.

Libelium partners with Microsoft Azure Cloud to offer end-to-end solutions for multiple IoT applications. Real IoT projects engaging Libelium technology and Microsoft Azure Cloud platform will be further detailed in the presentation including smart cities, agriculture monitoring, water quality control or industrial activities.

See some real cases of projects integrating Libelium technology with Microsoft Azure Cloud:

More information on the Microsoft Summit 2017 web page.

If you want to request a meeting with Sandra Pradilla, contact our Libelium Sales Department.

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