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MIT Technology Review (ES) releases ‘Innovators in Depth’ with David Gascón, CTO of Libelium, as first guest

MIT Technology Review (ES) releases ‘Innovators in Depth’ with David Gascón, CTO of Libelium, as first guest

June 13th, 2018 - Libelium

The prestigious magazine MIT Technology Review (Spanish edition), created under the auspices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is launching a new section called ‘Innovators in Depth’, which will offer news on some of the winners of its international competition ‘Innovators Under 35′. “The goal is to follow the stories and evolution of these young innovators after they have won our award, Innovators Under 35,” explains Marta del Amo, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review in Spanish.

The first guest speaker of the new section is David Gascón, CTO of Libelium and one of the creators of the concept known today as Internet of Things, in which he started working more than 10 years ago. For his innovations, Gascón received the MIT Technology Review award in Spanish in the 2012 call for Innovators under 35 Spain. The aim of these awards is to identify the young people with the greatest potential to revolutionize the world with technology and innovation.

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Through a complete video interview, Gascón’s career is reviewed in depth. From his first developments in the field of genetic engineering, the creation of communication protocols for the Internet based on the behavior of ants, his time as a professor at university, and how he took the step towards the creation of a company that would provide the Internet with senses through intelligent sensor technology.

Gascón talks about the most important projects his team has led over the years: detecting forest fires by placing sensors on trees, monitoring volcanoes to predict eruptions, measuring nuclear radiation using sensors deployed with drones, or even taking sensors into space in a project developed with NASA to study solar storms. But he also talks about how these intelligent sensors are transforming cities by enabling networks to be created to control parking spots on the streets or to monitor air and water quality levels in real time.

Link to the full interview in English.

Link to the full interview in Spanish.

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