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Mexico Mexico

5Hz Electronica is an online store created to maximize the potential of students, hobbyists and young engineers in Mexico. 5Hz sells electronic components, plug and play devices and customized circuit boards. In addition, they offer access to laser cutting services, 3D printing and consulting on external projects.

5Hz Electronica Homepage

Actility is a global leader in the IOT LPWA Software and Infrastructure space that is sold to communication service providers and enterprises. Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology is a foundational piece of IOT that will bring mass scale adoption of IOT on a global basis. Actility’s mission is to enable the largest private and public LPWA IoT networks in the world and allow device activation, management as well as data mediation of the IoT sensor data.

Actility at The IoT Marketplace

Actility Homepage

Agnov8 is an Australian company energising the adoption of IoT in agriculture. Agnov8 understands that deploying turnkey IoT solutions will assist farm managers and growers in gaining and maintaining operational awareness and compliance. We provide cost effective solutions that facilitate increased stock yields, sustainable water and soil management. Solutions that provide growers with peace of mind having access to crucial environmental observations and insights, anywhere in the world.

Agnov8 Homepage

Slovakia Slovakia

ALEF is a reliable supplier of information technologies since 1994. We became one of the largest and strongest distributors in the Eastern Europe – with offices in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. ALEF strongly specialize in technology. ALEF's expert center with extensive number of engineers allow us to provide full range of presales and postsales services, including certified trainings, professional, consulting and managed services as well as operating ALEF's own CSIRT. ALEF has direct contracts with Cisco, NetApp, Meraki, F5 Networks Flowmon, Thycotic, Arris, KEPM, Libelium and some minor vendors. ALEF is constantly growing company with current annual revenue over 150M EUR employing more than 220 professionals.

ALEF Slovakia

ALEF Hungary

ALEF Homepage

Germany Germany

Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2016 as a sister company to the consultancy Alpha-Omega Projects GmbH. Our goal is to develop and sell powerful IoT-Hardware and solutions. We see ourselves as solutions providers who strive to create the most positive impact for our customers. Whether you have all the know-how you need and just want to buy hardware or if you need a full-scale network built for you, Alpha-Omega Technology can help you.

Alpha-Omega Technology GmbH & Co KG Homepage

amplía))) helps you improve the productivity of your business avoiding unnecessary costs in development, deployment and maintenance. We achieve this by getting nearer to your devices and machines, managing the whole life cycle, and lowering the downtimes of your infrastructure. OpenGate, our Internet of Things Platform, is designed to control, manage, monitor and locate any kind of device, and their full life cycle for industries like Logistic & Transport, Utilities, Smart Energy, Smart Cities or e- health.

amplia))) Homepage

United Kingdom United Kingdom

APC Hero (a division of APC Technology Group Plc) deliver a range of products and services, bringing together total solutions to address two of the fastest growing markets – Cleantech and the Internet of Things. Working with OEMs, systems designers and integrators, APC Hero provide technical design, support and services to enable the smart integration of key technologies to make it a reality. As a value added distributor, APC Hero partner with the industry leading manufacturers of the hardware throughout that landscape to provide you with robust technology designed to make your application work. We can connect any sensor to the cloud!

APC Hero Homepage

India India

AqTronics was incorporated in the year 2008, headquartered in Bangalore, India and was founded by a team of professionals comes from Semiconductors & IT Product background having more than 25 years of industry experience. We focus on demand creation distribution model for India market, addressing market verticals - Embedded and Wireless communication, Security & Identification, Sensors , Lighting & Renewable energy and IoE (Internet of Everything). Aqtronics has offices across major cities in India – Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune. Hyderabad, Chennai

AqTronics Homepage

Aqua-Consult Ingenieros S.L.,(A-CING), is an engineering and consulting company specialised in technology and management processes in the ICT, water and environment fields. A-CING works on the Internet of Things (IoT) projects for monitoring water and environmental parameters using the most advanced technologies to meet its customers needs, both in innovation projects as well as large scale developments. A-CING's IoT solutions cover the full system integration, from the sensors to the communication technology and the cloud platform, offering all necessary components to deploy IoT, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Smart Cities projects with minimum time to market.

IoT projects

Aqua-Consult Ingenieros Homepage

ARENTIO es una empresa centrada en el desarrollo de las energías renovables y en su aplicación e integración junto a las TIC en el sector agroalimentario. Está dedicada esencialmente al diseño, desarrollo, programación y ejecución de estaciones inteligentes de bombeo solar fotovoltaico y automatización remota de las mismas, así como a la automatización de procesos en la industria agroalimentaria. ARENTIO desarrolla sus propios equipos y programación adaptándolas a cada instalación con la finalidad de optimizar la energía que se genera y buscando la eficiencia de los recursos empleados, constituyendo la investigación una herramienta esencial para el desarrollo de su actividad.

ARENTIO Homepage

With a stated mission to deliver solutions that help drive compliance costs down by bringing innovation to environmental stewardship, Aridea Solutions has developed real-time and recorded monitoring technology for environmental conditions. The team at Aridea Solutions, envisions a time where environmental parameters are continuously monitored in real-time and can be communicated with each other, machines and people to help deliver better outcomes for our industries and the environment in which we live.

Making The Earth Smart

Aridea Solutions Homepage


Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, with 2016 sales of $23.8 billion. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for over 125,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 465 locations serving over 90 countries. A Fortune 150 company with 18,700 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets, including telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics.

Arrow Electronics Homepage

Iran Iran

ASM is a leading End-to-End Solution Provider of Internet of Things, founded in 2006. Our mission is to create & deliver world-class & tailored solutions to achieve excellence & customer delight. ASM main focus is on bringing Intelligence, Efficiency, Innovation, Safety, Reliability to its customers' businesses. ASM also provides Products and Solutions for Education and training for all developers, engineers and companies who want to work in IoT ecosystem.

ASM Homepage

Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro

Atoms and Bits is a company based in Belgrade and trades in South East European countries. We are supporting our customers that are managing distributed natural resources, infrastructure and assets through digital remastering of their core products and services. Together with first class partners, we are providing IoT related consulting, solutions, services and products. Our ecosystem of innovative companies delivers turn key solutions starting from sensor devices and gateways that are collecting and transferring vast amounts of data up to the sophisticated decision support systems for different industries.

Atoms & Bits Homepage

AWS IoT provides secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things (such as sensors, actuators, embedded devices, or smart appliances) and the AWS cloud. This enables you to collect telemetry data from multiple devices and store and analyze the data. You can also create applications that enable your users to control these devices from their phones or tablets.

AWS at The IoT Marketplace

AWS Homepage

Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform - delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets. Axis has more than 2,700 dedicated employees in more than 50 countries around the world, supported by a global network of over 90,000 partners. Founded in 1984, Axis is a Sweden-based company.

Axis Homepage

B-Scada's VoT platform allows you to create rich, sophisticated IoT and M2M applications that consolidate and organize data from anywhere, and visualize it in real-time on any device. Connect to thousands of potential data sources. Visualize your data using modern, high-performance customized graphics. Leverage powerful analytic tools and automation. Connect your devices, processes and people in a continuous real-time information system.

B-Scada Homepage

BaseN established in 2001, is the inherently scalable computing Platform for hosting billions of spimes, the core objects of the Internet of Things. Spime is the permanent logical brain and memory of any physical Thing. BaseN currently handles close to one million spime transactions per second, and enables the transformation from physical products to intelligent services in any industry.

BaseN at The IoT Marketplace

BaseN Homepage

Biz4Intellia is an end-to-end IoT and M2M solution which includes well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, inbuilt reporting and analytics platform, and configurable business services. Biz4Intellia produces a seamless end-to-end solution to support business process execution to achieve specific business objectives. Biz4Intellia’s building block is formed by the IoT platform suite that comprises of IoT endpoints, IoT edge gateways, and IoT platform hubs. Biz4Intellia’s open architecture enables quick to market development tools supporting all major connectivity protocols, multiple cloud service providers’ support and customized pricing model.

Biz4Intellia Homepage

C2M is a code-free, end-to-end IoT and Digital Enterprise platform that allows easy, secure and rapid prototyping and deployment of IoT/M2M solutions. Connect, analyze and automate with C2M.

C2M at The IoT Marketplace

C2M Homepage

Worldwide Worldwide

Cooking Hacks, the open hardware division of Libelium, is an online retail store that brings the IoT to everyone by making electronics affordable, easy to learn and fun. Cooking Hacks serves developers, designers, engineers, inventors, and makers for DIY projects with sensors, robotics, actuators, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Creators of the Arduino Xbee shield among other add-ons, Cooking Hacks supports the worldwide maker community, and has brought 3G connectivity to Arduino and Raspberry Pi with the first and only 3G/GPRS/GPS module available today.

Cooking Hacks Homepage

CTT provides automated systems for greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting to cities. Through CTT a city has the ability to directly see the effect of their strategies. This enables them to optimize their greenhouse gas reduction strategies and automatically document the effect of such strategies. Documenting and proving that strategies work is important for cities, as they must do so to secure investments. By using CTT, cities will secure both current and future investments for smarter and greener solutions.

CTT Homepage

Cumulocity is the leading carrier grade IoT platform for connecting, managing and extending things into the customer’s business infrastructure in a secure and reliable way. Cumulocity is used by 100+ customers via 1,000+ tenants deployed both on-premise and across 20 global cloud data centres. Our platform has a full feature set for realising and scaling IoT solutions rapidly. It has publicly documented APIs, open UI framework and open source agents, that allow end-customers to configure the platform to their unique needs. With access to our active partner eco-system and our 2,500 strong developer community we can ensure that the customer gets the best fit for their specific IoT maturity level.

Cumulocity at The IoT Marketplace

Cumulocity Homepage

Rwanda Rwanda

Cyberteq is an innovative Information and Communication Technology Consulting Company established in Rwanda. In the era of digitalization, we enable our customers to take full advantage of the latest technologies in a secure manner. We are The First Rwandan Cyber Security firm, securing business and connectivity. Cyberteq is a team of highly dedicated cyber security specialists. As an information security veterans, we secure customers in different markets: Governments, Banks and Financial Institution, Telecom Operators, Services Providers, Industry and others. In Cyberteq we make business more profitable by embracing the Internet of Things. Applying sensors, connectivity, clouds and systems Cyberteq delivers End-to-End IoT solutions to move your business to the competitive edge. Our IoT services are tailored for various industries and organizations with different digitalization maturity level.

Cyberteq Homepage

Israel Israel

CymbIoT’s mission is to design and deliver advanced Internet of Things (IoT), Video Management Solution (VMS), and Command & Control (C&C) products. We empower end users to configure and manage integrated networks - from Smart Cities, through Transportation Hubs, to Emergency Response. Uniquely designed to address issues of integration, scalability, and time-to-air, our products feature rapid integration of the most complex sensor networks via a single process - utilizing existing infrastructure to offer a viable, scalable solution.

CymbIoT Homepage

DeviceLynk is an Industrial Internet of Things application that delivers Actionable Information via hierarchical dashboards that enables users to quickly determine the appropriate action to take. When the appropriate action is obvious or identified, organizations can achieve new levels of reliability, productivity and quality – while reducing costs and saving time through more effective resource utilization.

DeviceLynk at The IoT Marketplace

Devicelynk Homepage

DIGIMONDO is Germany’s next generation IoT carrier and focusses on three areas: 1) We are deploying a public nationwide LoRaWAN network in Germany. 2) We operate private and public networks with firefly; a LoRaWAN network operating system made in Germany. As a carrier-grade network OS, it is developed in Elixir/Erlang and meets Germany’s high standards regarding data security and data privacy. Firefly is available as a managed service or on premise. 3) We developed an intelligent electricity meter with LoRa that we deploy in Germany.


Australia Australia

DNA Connect is one of Australia's most experienced distributors with over 20 years of experience offering connectivity, security and analytics solutions. For over 20 years, DNA Connect has been providing solutions that connect devices and things in Enterprise and Industrial markets that allow organisations to visualise data and monetise insight. These skills and knowledge have positioned DNA Connect perfectly within the Big Data and IoT markets.

DNA Connect Homepage

Dolphin Engineering Sagl is an innovative start-up focused on precision agriculture for wine growers. Nowadays, agriculture is moving from uniform farming to precision farming. Dolphin Engineering advances this trend by leveraging high technology to automate the study of micro-climate conditions and by providing a Decision Support System (DSS) that can be used by wine growers, phytosanitary services, and scouts with the dual purpose of improving the knowledge on pests/diseases and improving the pest/disease management decisions.

Dolphin Engineering Homepage

We are a team obsessed with the Internet of Things. We generate and manage data, make sense of it all and create new and meaningful experiences for our clients. We believe that our solutions can give you a competitive edge and help you steal some market share. Ever since its inception in 2014, DVM has conceived and executed a number IoT projects. We develop global applications that help our clients become more efficient in their respective areas while providing the necessary consultation to help them make the leap into the world of IoT.

dvm at The IoT Marketplace

dvm iot solutions Homepage is your hub connecting monitoring assets, engineers and decision makers. Acquire data in real-time from Meshlium and Waspmote devices, receive alerts for critical events, and share access with stakeholders. Transform your time-series data into beautifully presented, actionable information. at The IoT Marketplace Homepage

Quick, high-quality sensor-based solutions. With years of experience in planning, deployment and configuration of telco and computer networks, and development of expert software and embedded systems for different industries, we can provide complete, multi-platform IoT solutions for your needs in Slovenia, southern Austria, Croatia and other Central Eastern European countries.We can provide software platform and remotely assist you with sensor network deployment worldwide. With our own datacenter and cloud infrastructure, we can offer you custom solutions with high service levels. Our strong points are: deep know-how in software engineering and communication networks, long Libelium Waspmote experience, and know-how of FIWARE technologies.

Elmitel at The IoT Marketplace

Elmitel Homepage

Denmark Denmark

Eltronics are Specialized in innovative solutions within e.g. tracking, motor controls, and apps for mobile units. We help our customers improve their production or products by development of the right electronic solution. Our skilled hardware and software teams are some of the best engineers in Denmark. Our long experience and incomparable knowledge makes us specialist in our field. We ensure reliability, sustainability, and products in accordance with the technical and economic limits of customers.

Eltronics Homepage

Thailand Thailand

From strong interest in smart integrated management and Internet of Things (IoT), the Energy IoT was founded by a group of experts combining over 20 years of experiences from each in energy, industry, electronics business, engineering and ICT. The company aims to develop the IoT solutions to help its customers stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape and maximize their overall success. Energy IoT can provide the design and implementation services at any point of the IoT value chain with access to world class solution partners. We can collaborate with the customers in developing the IoT from the ranges of sensors, communication protocols, cloud platform and application development tools. Our areas of services include smart cities, smart energy, smart environment, smart agriculture and many more.

Energy IoT Homepage

ERABI is a value-added services company integrator of new technologies. With more than 10 years of existence realizing customized projects of integration of technologies, iOT, inmotic, automation ... Integration of technology in an efficient and profitable way. Management and monitoring systems. ERABI brings you the New Technologies, analyzing, designing and installing the system you need, turnkey services and training to get the most out of technological equipment.

ERABI Homepage

Over the past 140 years, Ericsson has been at the forefront of communications technology. Today, we are committed to maximizing customer value by continuously evolving our business portfolio and leading the ICT industry. We are a global leader in delivering ICT solutions. In fact, 40% of the world's mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks. We have customers in over 180 countries and comprehensive industry solutions ranging from Cloud services and Mobile Broadband to Network Design and Optimization. Our services, software and infrastructure - especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud - are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve user experience and capture new opportunities.

Ericsson Homepage

Esri develops geographic information systems (GIS). ArcGIS is a complete spatial information platform provided by Esri, to create, analyze, store and spread data, models, maps and 3D globes. It can be accessed via desktop applications, browsers, handsets or smart phones. ArcGIS targets GIS professionals, location analysts and developers who want to create their own applications based on geographical data. Now Waspmote sensor data can be directly integrated into your existing maps and ArcGIS applications.

Esri at The IoT Marketplace

Esri Homepage

Extunda With our completely customizable back-end platform and analytics, Extunda eliminates the complexities of infrastructure to increase your return on investment and make your Internet of Things implementation seamless. Our platform and approach use the things that make your business work to change how it works. This is more than smart devices. This is business intelligence that changes the ROI equation.

Extunda Homepage

France France

With over 5000 customers in Smart Manufacturing, Smart Cities & Smart Machines, Factory Systemes is a leading Value Added Distributor in France for Industrial IT, M2M and IIoT Solutions. With over 80 employees, specialized in Software and Hardware products, Factory Systemes delivers high performance technical support to its entire ecosystem of System Integrators, End-Users and OEMs.

Factory Systemes Homepage

FAMOSA is an Italian company developing and deploying precision agriculture solutions based on IoT technologies. FAMOSA main products are services based on environmental monitoring operated by a sensor network. Collected data are used to build expert-based advises for farm management and decision support made available to end user by the web platform EsiFARM. Current domain of applications are in rain-fed and irrigated agriculture, field and protected crops, orchards, horticulture, gardening and landscape. Service includes irrigation scheduling, fruit maturation monitoring and phytopathogen control. Main partners are represented by producers and distributors of sensor and IoT technologies.

Famosa Homepage

Haibu Smart Cloud is an horizontal  IoT Platform that offers functionalities to gather, integrate, store and analyze data from sensors, analyzing information in real-time and visualizing insights to improve decision making and process optimization. Our dashboard integrated with historical and real-time data allows predictive models.

HaibuSmart Homepage

Hirisens is an IoT operator that offer smart technologies, communications and data as a service, with a concept “all included” guaranteeing a plan for continuous improvement during the years of service. With different standards solutions of waste, parking and environmental control based mainly on Libeliums technology with wireless connectivity (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT).

Hirisens at The IoT Marketplace

Hirisens Homepage

IBM Bluemix is an implementation of IBM's Open Cloud Architecture that enables you to rapidly create, deploy, and manage your cloud applications. In addition to providing additional frameworks and services, Bluemix provides a dashboard for you to create, view, and manage your applications and services as well as monitor your application's resource usage.

IBM Bluemix Homepage

Ikusi is a multi-local company that supplies integrated solutions in the field of Electronics and Information and Communications Technologies with experience spanning over 45 years. Today, it has a team of over 800 highly qualified professionals and customers in over 80 countries, and devotes 4% of its turnover to R&D&i assignments. Ikusi is present in 9 countries. What is more, Ikusi is part of Velatia, a family-run, industrial and technological group with a global reach and made up of a multicultural team comprising nearly 2,900 people from 20 countries. Velatia has offices in 19 countries, 15 production plants and a world-class Research and Technology Centre.

Ikusi Homepage

Indra is the largest technology and consulting company in Spain and a leading multinational in Europe and America. It operates in different markets such as Energy and Industry, Public Administration & Healthcare or Transport & Traffic. With its new business unit, Minsait, Indra groups its experience and business in the field of digital transformation, reinforcing the development of high-value solutions for end-to-end technology projects.

Indra Homepage

Infiswift offers the most powerful platform to develop, manage and customize your connected solutions. The patent-pending architecture enables world-class security and scalability to support real-time and data-intensive applications. It features a low-latency, highly reliable data broker, powerful development environment, flexible analytics front end, and robust rules engine. Get started with our free tier supporting up to 100 connections and 1 million messages per month.

Infiswift Homepage

Ecuador Ecuador

We are a dynamic company, with technological proposals of Internet of the things, that looks for the desperate innovation in the different industries of the region. Through our senses we collect in situ the information of the different processes and needs of the cities, of the medical and agricultural industry. Creating intelligent processes to improve and interact with data in real time improving profitability and production in various economic activities.

Innovgroup Homepage

Intelkia is a technology-based Spanish company founded in 2011 dedicated to technological applications based on the Internet of Things. Intelkia has developed and integrated a range of innovative IoT vertical solutions, both hardware and software, for several applications including Smart Metering, Smart Tracking, Smart Security, Smart Garden and Smart Cities applications. Intelkia relies on the latest high-end technologies for developing and integrating applications that will best meet our customer’s needs.

Intelkia Homepage

India India

Intrinsic is a provider of solutions based on Wireless Sensor Networking and embedded systems, to help organizations in India harness the benefits of the IoT. Intrinsic products and solutions are used by over 200 customers, including technology companies, educational and research institutes, and defense organizations.

Intrinsic Homepage

Australia Australia

IoT Store is an ever expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded system’s distributor based in Perth (Western Australia). IoT Store is striving to be #1 Australian online distributor for high-quality Do It Yourself (DIY) Products covering the whole range of Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded Systems, Smart Home and Wearables, Development Kits, Sensors, and Robotics. Do It Yourself (DIY) Solutions is the main focus at IoT Store, and our mission is to provide the best affordable place for Engineers, Makers, Designers, Educators and Open Source Hardware Advocates to experience and enjoy developing their ideas about IoT ecosystem, Smart Systems and Robotics, and a lot more with ease of access and local support.

IoT Store Homepage is one of the world's most complete, advanced and easy to use Industrial Internet of Things platforms with over 1.6 million users mainly in the energy and mobile machinery industry. With IoT-Ticket you can build IoT applications in your web-browser in minutes, no plug-ins required. You can create dashboards, reports, analytics or augment reality based on big-data collected from your Things. Once the Libelium cloud connector has been configured (which is very easy), all your available data will show up automatically in your IoT-Ticket web-based dashboard / report designer from where you can easily design amazing Internet of Things applications. at The IoT Marketplace Homepage

Turkey Turkey

IoTerm name composed from "IOT" and "TERM" words, which we believe the time that we live in is the beginning of "Internet of Things Term" and the company established with these words in mind. IoTerm was established in 2015 and has already made cooperation with the best in class companies nationally and internationally. Our aim is to speed up IOT know-how and adoption in Turkey. IoTerm's vision is to build a storng IoT ecosystem within Turkey so that high quality, trusted end to end IoT solutions to be provided to customers' needs.​ IoTerm is the official distributor of Libelium solutions within Turkey.

IoTerm Homepage

IoTSens is an horizontal platform for the development of Smart Cities for public and private companies which provides functionalities to gather, integrate, store and analyze data from the city in a global perspective enabling either public or private managers and citizens to understand what is happening in real time in their cities in order to proceed with solutions immediately.

IoTSens at The IoT Marketplace

IoTSens Homepage

South Africa South Africa

IP Soft (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned company that was formed in 2014 as a specialist high tech IT distribution company with its head office in Pretoria (South Africa)

IP Soft Homepage

South Korea South Korea

Irexnet was founded in 2012 and recorded $3M in sales in its first year with activities in three business areas: network integration, solution integration, and IoT products. Irexnet focuses on maximizing business value and operational efficiency and can contribute flexibility, scalability and agility to its customers’ businesses.

Irexnet Homepage

Mexico Mexico

Jaim Dynamics Group was incorporated in the year 2016, headquartered in México City and was founded by a team of IT evangelists and business experts, introducing 3P solutions for IoT and Big Data Analytics. We focus on create, move, clean, predict & present data in real time. We use DevOps approach for automated task in provisioning for deliver in shortest time the solution off/on premise. We have projects in Government and Private sector addressing vertical turnkey solutions.

Jaim Dynamics Group Homepage

Taiwan Taiwan

JS Environmental Technology and Energy Saving Co., Ltd. is committed to the promotion of environmental health and environment-friendly technology. To relevant environmental monitoring, pollution control, energy management with energy-saving technology developed to provide the best solution for comfortable environments and low-power demand.

JS Environmental Technology and Energy Saving Co. Ltd. Homepage

Kii offers a best-in-class, carrier-grade IoT Solution Enablement Platform — our Device Agents, SDKs, APIs and tools enable partners to more easily and rapidly develop, deploy, and manage consumer/enterprise IoT solutions. Kii’s unique Thing Interaction Framework enables Service Provider partners to onboard, manage and deliver disparate devices/categories more quickly/cost-effectively as they build rich IoT services and solutions.

Kii Homepage

Labeeb™ IoT is an Internet of Things applications enablement platform, which works according to the Platform-as-a-Service paradigm. It provides a wide of range of services to ease the development and deployment of IoT solutions, including:
- The interconnection of any IoT device to the platform using standardized and/or proprietary IoT communication protocols (via Internet);
- The collection and filtering of data records from the IoT devices
- The real-time and/or historical tracking of IoT devices status and malfunctions;
- The storage of the collected data records into SQL and No-SQL databases for data post-processing;
- The analysis of the collected data using an advanced data analytics framework;
- The management of IoT applications using advanced data access control policies;
With the Labeeb™ IoT comprehensive suite of platform capabilities, tools and SDKs, third party companies and developers can achieve faster time-to-market for their IoT projects while reducing their overall R&D costs.

Labeeb IoT Homepage with it’s headquarter in Zürich, Switzerland, is one of the worldwide leading and fastest growing IoT LPWA software, solution providers. Loriot offers one of the most reliable, secure and especially user friendly platform for small to large LoRaWan deployments all around the world. Our geographically distributed LoRaWan cloud with more than 3000 users is providing low-latency access to your gateways at and frequency, back-ends and users world-wide. Since beginning of 2015, it has been delivering convincing, responsive IoT projects to our customers in more than 90 countries. It has significantly reduced their development effort and shortened time to market. For IoT network deployment, our software is available as a managed or unmanaged service on our infrastructure, or can be licensed for your private cloud or bare metal servers. As a Swiss company we have a very strong focus on the security of our clients data and serve our clients with high quality services, with a user friendly platform and reliable servers around the globe. (Stand December 2016)

Loriot at The IoT Marketplace

Loriot Homepage

Australia Australia

M2M Connectivity provides distribution and technical support for wireless M2M products and technologies in Australia and New Zealand. Its technology portfolio includes cellular (LTE/3G/GSM…), satellite (Iridium/Inmarsat/Globalstar…), industrial short-range wireless (Bluetooth, WLAN, ZigBee…) and modems, modules, and accessories for M2M communications with a growing focus on IoT application areas.

M2M Connectivity Homepage

Metiora is an IoT -internet of things- integrator company designed to help client to improve operations and identify revenue opportunities in the new IoT ecosystem. By deploying end to end solutions, metiora helps clients look for the best fit for them in the composed and complex IoT environment. Metiora covers IoT Consulting, Enablement, Connectivity, Integration, Analytics and Management by forming strong collaborations with other technology vendors and service providers and creating one of the most thorough IoT reference architectures with corresponding platforms. Metiora provides vertical solutions for Retail, the Oil&Gas, Agriculture and Environment sectors.

Metiora at The IoT Marketplace

Metiora Homepage

Azure is the Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform. It offers services of computing, virtual machines, databases, storage, messaging and many others. Azure Service Bus, the Azure messaging platform, is a message system that allows to exchange information between different systems, inside and outside Azure platform, independent of the architecture, operating system or complexity level. Meshlium is able to use Azure queues: one or more senders (Waspmote nodes) can push messages to the queue and an application or service can receive the data.

Azure at The IoT Marketplace

Microsoft Azure Homepage

Japan Japan

By taking advantage of long-term experience in embedded technology, MBEL provides M2M / IoT connectivity solutions – Integrating suitable hardware with appropriate platforms and various applications.

Mitsui Electronics Inc. (MBEL) Homepage

MQTT is a publish/subscribe, extremely simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed by IBM for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks, where battery power is critical. Due to its features of delivery assurance and bandwidth reduction, MQTT is being used by Cloud platforms such as IBM or Carriots: this means that Waspmote data can be stored inside them or in any other Cloud platform based on this protocol.

MQTT Homepage

Nexmachina is formed by a team of experienced professionals in the world of computer systems, technologies and wireless communications. Their challenge is to apply their knowledge to the new era of the Internet of things, offering solutions that enable towns, cities and businesses have smarter infrastructures to be more efficient, sustainable and livable.

Nexmachina at The IoT Marketplace

Nexmachina Homepage

Orchestra is an IoE platform designed to collect real time location analytics data and to give insight on metrics and KPIs that are hovering over your venue. One simple dashboard lets you act on data and create synergy in processes that involve people, things and machines across your venue. Orchestra let you also create automated workflows by wiring together devices, APIs and online services. So IF something happens THEN machines know what to do.

Orchestra Homepage

India India

Pentagon Rugged Systems started in the year 2003 with main focus on rugged mil grade systems, Industrial Automation and total solution serving all the wings of Indian Armed Forces. One of the leading system integrator and solution provider. working with Various Premier Institutes like IIT, R & D Establishments like CSIR and the DRDO laboratories in the country. Also closely associated with various public and private sectors for various defense projects. We are primarily focused in extending service to the major research and development where there is more scope to challenge the environment there by meeting military standard and Pentagon Rugged Systems are associated with the worldwide leader in art and science of the ruggedization of electronic equipment for harsh environments….

Pentagon Rugged Systems Homepage

Vietnam Vietnam

Established in 2011 and based in the most dynamic Hochiminh City, PHA Distribution now becomes one of the leading IOT & ICT distributors in Viet Nam. We always focus on R&D with all best efforts to make newly innovative solutions for Smart City including Smart logistics, Smart Transportation, and Smart Agriculture especially in Fish and Shrimp farming along with its value-added services to offer our best practices not only for our local market demands but also for the regional areas in Asean Economic Community (AEC) by delivering them to our end clients through our existing loyal re-sellers channel. We finally care about our customer satisfaction and we measure the values that we bring to our customer by their success stories.

PHA Distribution Homepage

China China

Beijing PuTianTongDa Technologies (PUTD) is a network equipment supplier and services company located in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Founded in 2002, PUTD serves customers in the areas of environmental protection, meteorological monitoring, petrochemical, power transmission, transportation and water conservation.

PUTD Homepage

Argentina Argentina

Rack2 is an IT and Telecom Company, with a growing focus on IoT Solutions in Argentina. Our business model includes provisioning on hardware, software, professional services, technical support and cloud platform services, to launch IoT projects in Corporate and Governement markets.

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Redd, a company focused on delivering telemetry and telecontrol solutions for our clients' assets, with the aim of optimizing and simplifying operations, and most importantly, providing them with the necessary information to make quick and timely decisions.

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Reekoh is an IoT App Integration Platform for connecting the Internet of Things to SaaS and enterprise applications. By using Reekoh’s unique Plugin Store, customers can integrate IoT device and sensor data to the largest library of gateways, cloud platforms, tools and services on the market.

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RIOT is a Sensing as a Service Platform developed by REDtone IOT. It manages connectivity from sensors or data sources with various communication protocols including MQTT and RESTful. The main goal is to allow the creation of Smart City solutions that enable cities to monitor its most important assets such as rivers, buildings, parking lots, transportation, roads, drainage, environment, etc using Internet of Things (IoT).

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SensorInsight provides end-to-end IoT technology solutions and integration services to industries worldwide. Our SensorInsight Foundation suite elevates businesses by integrating disparate data, analyzing information in real-time and visualizing insights to improve decision making and process optimization. SensorInsight hardware brand RightSensor partners with leading hardware manufacturers such as Libelium to provide integrated go-to-market solutions for our customers.

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SensorUp provides a data exchange platform for the Internet of Things based on international, open, geospatial standards. SensorUp’s platform is the world’s first and most complete, ready-to-use, compliant implementation of the OGC SensorThings API standard. SensorUp’s staff are experts in geospatial Internet of Things data management. Dr. Steve Liang, founder and CEO of SensorUp, is the editor of the OGC SensorThings API standard specification, and a globally recognized Internet of Things expert.

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Sentilo is an open source sensor and actuator platform designed to fit in the Smart City architecture of any city who looks for openness and easy interoperability. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of cities and companies that believe that using open standards and free software is the first smart decision a Smart City should take.

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SIDeA addresses the market of Smart Cities and M2M solutions, offering minimum time to market in designing and developing complex automation and remote control systems. A distributor of Libelium products, SIDeA partners with end-users from the analysis of the problem, to the design of the best solution, to its implementation as a turnkey solution.

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Simfony’s IoT Platform is focused on providing the core set of tools that enables the rapid rollout of any IoT project or service. Companies can use our service to easily and rapidly design, prototype and deploy IoT projects that match their exact needs and requirements, rather than looking for an off the shelf product that fits best. The platform provides the following services: global mobile data connectivity, SIM management and control, device authentication and authorization, a visual service execution designer, data storage, reporting and visualization, IoT VPN and an extensive API exposing all of these capabilities for enterprise integration. All these services are available on a “pick and choose” basis enabling maximum flexibility and optimizing costs.

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Smart Plants capture and process the data surrounding your business, for you to make better informed decisions. We connect from ventilation systems to green houses, making real time data streaming from these and provide you with an overview for better decision making. We also do machine learning on the data to automate the optimization of your existing systems. We connect to both old and new systems and provide independent sensor to complement (get the missing data) for real optimization.

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SmartIS City is passionate team with more than 20 years of experience in the field of e-government & smart city development. Our team has a wide range of technical and substantive knowledge which is reflected in numerous international references. We are focused on development and implementation of the product Smart City Platform, which is helping city leaders, citizens and local businesses. Smart City Platform creates the value for future development and help the cities to deal with access and functionality of their data. We also organise forums about municipal governance cases where city leaders exchange knowledge and discuss about challenges for the future development of cities. The important dimension is related to digital transformation of cities & regions with the aim to become smarter & enable new business developments.

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Sofia2 is Indra’s IoT semantic interoperability and Big Data platform. It is a middleware and repository able to process thousands of events per second, enabling Real Time and Big Data analytics over the information exchanged. It allows the interoperability of multiple systems and devices, offering a semantic platform to make real world information available to smart applications. It provides publishing and subscription mechanisms, facilitating the orchestration of sensors and actuators in order to monitor and act on the environment. Cross-platform and multi-device through its SDK, APIs and extension mechanisms that allow integration with any device. All configurable from an intuitive, user-friendly centralized web console.

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SolPA (Soluzioni per la Pubblica Amministrazione) is Libelium’s reference in Italy for the Public Administration market. SolPA publishes Libelium products on the MEPA platform (Mercato Elettronico Pubblica Amministrazione) to enable users to issue direct orders in compliance with Italian regulations. The engineering staff of SolPA can evaluate special projects required by the customer and participate in the design phase of the overall system.

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SolvView is a real-time monitoring Cloud platform developed by Solvver that allows users to benefit from the power of the Cloud with little risk and cost. SolvView can aggregate, visualize and analyze real-time or historical data securely, easily, and in any device, and is capable of processing a huge number of parallel data streams or single-channels with very high data rates and executing complex algorithms natively in its in-house built mathematical engine. SolvView works without hassle in hostile network environments, assuring data integrity and can scale seamlessly and efficiently as project scope requires.

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Sunway was registered in Hong Kong and Macau since 2004 and 2009 respectively, is now one of the major environmental monitoring service providers of the Governments. We are revolutionizing environmental sensing by integrating the wireless sensor networks and IoT products to shape the future of a smart city for a better life.

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Build IoT apps yourself, without any programming knowledge or experience. distinguishes itself by putting the power of IoT app development in the hands of key IoT decision makers and investors. Simply ’drag and drop’ your way to implementing your newest IoT powered business model instantly. Build full stack IoT business apps that run in the cloud, all built without knowledge of any programming language. The Symphoni platform automagically generates full stack applications, including: databases, logic, interface, and even API's. Take advantage of your free 6-month trial. Implement flexible IoT: faster, cheaper and easier with the cloud platform today.

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TEAMDEV is a dynamic ICT SME founded in 2008 with offices in Italy, Denmark and Albania, with a strong focus on technological innovations, systems integration and interfacing to the characteristics of the user with products third parties. Our main business units are called Agricolus, where we develop a precision farming ecosystem for decision support, and WiseTown that focuses on the civic thechnologies and smart cities. In both line of products we implement algorythms and machine learning procedures that analyse data from satellites, sensors, drones, databases, open data and a variety of different datasources

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Techedge's mission is to help organizations become more agile by fully exploiting the value of internet of things technology throughout every stage of their business transformation.We accomplish this by providing Business Solutions and IT Services that come from our unique ability to combine business knowledge, technology expertise and passion for innovation.TechEdge has developed a solution for digital transformation for IoT scenarios, which allows incorporating the information gathered from the wireless sensor network technology Libelium in the Cloud SAP platform (SAP HANA Cloud Platform).

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Tele2 is one of Europe's leading telecom operators, always providing our customers with what they need for less. At Tele2 IoT we focus on what we do best; deliver connectivity and enable efficient management of the connectivity needed within M2M/IoT. Our best-of-breed partners contribute with their area of excellence. Together, we enable our customers to focus on what they know best – their own businesses. Our high quality IoT offering, combined with the strengths of our selected partners, truly reduce the complexity of both large- and small-scale IoT deployments.

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Telefónica provides an Internet of Things cloud platform to ease and speed up the development and deployment of solutions based on real time stream data. The platform provides a wide range of cloud services, including connectivity, to vertical applications (Smart Cities, Smart Metering, Vending Machines, etc.) working with remote devices (sensors, tablets, etc).

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Telit is a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. The company offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products and services for end-to-end IoT deployments – including cellular communication modules in all technologies, GNSS, short-to-long range wireless modules, IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services. Through the IoT Portal, Telit makes IoT onboarding easy, reduces risk, time to market, complexity and costs for asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, telematics, industrial automation and others, across many industries and vertical markets worldwide.

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The IoT MarketPlace is a one-stop click-and-buy online store The IoT Marketplace features kits that contain programmed sensor nodes connected to specific Cloud applications. Kits can be used in commercial demos, proof of concept projects or pilots with minimum configuration. The marketplace allows customers to try solutions and visualize how to scale them.

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Thing+ allows customers to build their own IoT services with high speed, reliability, scalability, and cost competitiveness, connected by a SaaS or PaaS IoT platform. When Thing+ Embedded devices connect to the Thing+ Cloud (public or private), customers can visualize various data graphs and charts from sensors directly on the Thing+ Portal. Device registration is easy as the Thing+ Portal provides dashboard widgets, a trigger-condition-action-based rule engine for alert notifications or to control actuators, and results in the form of an event timeline.

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Our expertise, combined with our IoT toolbox and partners, can connect any object to the cloud. We identify the critical data your objects should generate and connect them in order to create value to your organisation. Things Factory is the IoT branch of Via Consultants, We deliver the value of IoT to your door step.

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ThingWorx is a software platform designed to build and run the applications of the connected world. ThingWorx reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build M2M and IoT applications by providing a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment. The ThingWorx platform includes flexible device connectivity options, rapid application development tools, scalable storage, and supports various deployment models.

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Trevis Technology Pte Ltd is a leading provider of IOT and IIOT solutions within the Asia pacific region. As a solutions developer and systems integrator, Trevis Technology provides a spectrum of both industrial and non-industrial IOT solutions to inspire real-time operational intelligence solutions for its valued clients.

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Vicrea is a Dutch IT company, specialized in smart integrated information systems, Smart Geographic Information Systems and Smart City Solutions. Vision and Creativity are our core values. We transform data into valuable information and insight. Vicrea helps the public sector at the most efficient execution of its functions.

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Since 2010 creating a ecosistem of experts, partners and colaborators. We know Latam . Our Moto, is to improve quality of life to our customers . Improve efficiency develops a Happy Client, Happy Client becomes a good business friend.

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Wifx sàrl is a Swiss company specializing in the Network. With over 10 years of experience in the development of WiFi antennas, we have designed a gateway small in size, high in performance, easy to deploy and adapted to all climates. LORIX One is the first low cost gateway designed and assembled in Switzerland.


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YazamTec is a company specialised in creating smart solutions for global challenges. We help cities to achieve their social, economic and environmental goals through the use of innovative, secure and scalable Technologies.

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