Privacy policy

In order to comply with the provisions in Spanish Data Protection Act (L.O. 15/1999 of 13th December) and its implementing Regulation (R.D. 1720/2007, of 21st December), LIBELIUM hereby informs its Customers and websites users that any personal data supplied through the forms contained in its websites shall be recorded in a file named “CUSTOMERS” for which LIBELIUM is responsible, located at LIBELIUM´s registered address and which has been registered with the Spanish General Registry for Data Protection (Registro General de Protección de Datos de la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).

Except for those fields expressly requesting compulsory filling, answers to the questions contained in any form are voluntary and therefore, the lack of answer does not imply a reduction of the quantity or quality of LIBELIUM´s services. The aim of this data collection are to provide access to LIBELIUM´s online shop, to send information on LIBELIUM´s Product(s) and services as well as to collect Customer’s acceptance to the terms of use of the forums and other sections in LIBELIUM´s websites. By filling these forms Customers consent in receiving promotional offers concerning LIBELIUM´s Product(s) and services. You further consent further that LIBELIUM may make such data available to its services suppliers to the sole purpose of enabling service provision.

Any User providing personal data through any of the forms in LIBELIUM´s websites shall count on a 30 day period to inform LIBELIUM in writing of his/her refusal to the processing of his/her personal data. Unless this communication is made, it shall be deemed that the User consents the processing of his/her personal data according to the terms set forth in these T&C. All personal data collected shall be processed by using the security measures requested by Law to avoid their loss, damage or access by any unauthorised third party. User may nevertheless be aware of the fact that the existing security measures for computer systems on the Internet are not entirely trustworthy. Should you think that your email address has been disclosed to us without your consent, do not hesitate to inform us thereof. Users may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, update, cancellation and objection, as well as revoke the consent granted for all of any of the above-mentioned processings, by sending a written statement to LIBELIUM, either through the “Contact” section in our website or by post to the following address: LIBELIUM COMUNICACIONES DISTRIBUIDAS, S.L., C/ Escatrón 16 (Edificio LIBELIUM) C.P: 50014 Zaragoza (Spain).

To exercise the above-mentioned rights you must indicate your name, ID/passport number, full address, date and signature, including any document supporting your request, in case it is needed; a copy of your ID card/passport must be enclosed, unless you use an electronic signature. User shall be liable for the veracity of data provided and only in case of holders of parental rights concerning children under fourteen and in connection with said children, shall LIBELIUM accept the disclosure of personal data concerning third parties. Users shall assume all liability for direct or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the provision of false, inaccurate, incomplete or non updated data.

Furthermore, LIBELIUM reserves its right to exclude from any service for which prior registration is required, to any User having provided false data or failing to comply with these T&C, notwithstanding any other legal action to which LIBELIUM may be entitled. LIBELIUM reserves its right to modify its Privacy Policy or these T&C to adapt them to the regulations in force or for any other reason. Provided that the use of LIBELIUM´s websites by Users shall be deemed as User’s acceptance of LIBELIUM´s Privacy Policy and T&C, User is hereby requested to check these T&C and any further amendments from time to time.

Privacy Policy
Users may visit LIBELIUM´s websites without disclosing neither their identity nor any personal data. LIBELIUM´s servers may only collect domain names but not email addresses of their visitors. This kind of information is used to elaborate reports on visit statistics, the time spent in the websites, websites accessed, the general origin of visitors (through “Favourites”, search engines, links from other websites, etc.) to the sole purposes of getting information on how the websites are used and improving their contents and services.

Linked sites
LIBELIUM´s websites may provide links to other sites but LIBELIUM assumes no liability on the privacy policies adopted by the linked sites, directly or indirectly. Links to other sites are provided as a suggestion only and do not imply LIBELIUM´s warranty or liability concerning their quality, accuracy or contents of the information provided therein.

LIBELIUM does not warrant the veracity or accuracy of the information disclosed by its suppliers or third parties whose products or services are offered through LIBELIUM, their origin, ownership or the use or practical implementation made by Customers.