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Video of use: Smart Water Quality Monitoring Solution for an End User

Video of use: Smart Water Quality Monitoring Solution for an End User

October 27th, 2014 - Libelium

This video presents a Water Quality Monitoring Solution built for an end user: a fish farming business.

This complete water quality monitoring solution combines the solutions and capabilities of three different players, at different values of the value chain:

  • the hardware sensoring technology to retrieve the water quality data and transmit it, provided by Libelium,
  • a M2M Cloud platform were the data is received and the modeling and analytics are applied to transform data into decission making information, provided by Axeda,
  • and the application to present this information to the end user, in an effective and user-friendly manner, built by TeraCode.

In the video is featured the data collected by Libelium Smart Water sensors. In the dashboard is possible to see the data in different formats: a mapping of the fish farm, real time data of the different parameters, and a data comparison: current data vs. average data.

Rest of the menus are explored in the video, where the user can play with the data in different formats and is able to conduct more actions and more decisions with all this data.

The information of the different Smart Water sensoring nodes is available. It is possible to do filters according to different devices or devices groups: devices groups can be selected and the application shows information related only to those kind of devices. It is possible even to select a specific sensor node and “View Details”. All the paremeters that this particular sensoring node is measuring are displayed.

Check the complete video to see all the possible reports this Smart Water Quality Monitoring Solution offers.

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