GREENCITIES 2020 – Málaga (ES)

Libelium Upcoming Events - Ana y Alicia Greencities

Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO will moderate one of the conversation in Greencities event about the adoption of digital technologies to provide products or services to cities or for production processes robotics, IoT, Big Data and artificial intelligence, is spreading rapidly, shaping a digital society in a round table with the title “Digital Society: artificial intelligence and technological solutions for Smart Cities” (13:30 h).

Also, Ana Bernal, Libelium Sales Director, will attend to the debate on the future of cities is built on two pillars: smart and sustainable. Project cities that
contemplate technological projects focused on their sustainability is the common thread of this table (17:30 h. Green & Smart Environment).

Save the date:

  • Where: FYCMA, Ortega y Gasset, 201 – Málaga (Spain)
  • When: September 30, 2020


Greencities 2020