How IoT Smart Sensors Allow Rapid Response to Emerge Threats of the New Post-pandemic Era?

Webinar Aridea + Liblium at IoT Solution World Congress

The next 25th of May a webinar organized by IoT world today will be held in collaboration with Aridea Solutions in which an in-depth look at newly emerging IoT smart sensor technology will be made.

From the characteristics of smart sensors to learn how smart sensors can optimize business processes at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods…

All the following topics will be covered:

  • What are considered smart sensors?
  • Why are smart sensors critical in the evolution of the IoT
  • Common examples of smart sensors we all use today
  • A real-world example of how smart sensor technology was rapidly developed to respond to the current pandemic
  • What are the next steps to enable smart sensing technology in my business?

Join industry leaders from Libelium and Aridea for an in-depth look at newly emerging IoT smart sensor technology.