Libelium Annual IoT Conference 2018: 21 – 22 June, Zaragoza, ES

The growing demand for IoT solutions to improve the competitiveness of companies in all productive sectors is unstoppable. Disruptive and technological transformation forces the advancement of collaboration formulas for all the key-players working in the IoT market. This will allow to launch complete solutions taking advantage of new business opportunities.

In this context, Libelium organizes the third edition of its annual IoT conference opening the participation to different company profiles. The event is specially interesting for those looking for the inspiration they need to apply different IoT solutions that could help them to improve their positioning in their respective work environments.

Libelium IoT Conference 2018

Additionally, the first edition of The Libelium IoT Awards will be celebrated. The ceremony will introduce the new Authorized Technical Service Certifications for Distributors. There will be also special recognitions for the most active partners from Libelium’s Ecosystem.

The Libelium Annual IoT Conference 2018 will take place at Hotel Hiberus in Zaragoza, Spain, the 21st and 22nd June 2018

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For more information and registration, please visit the official web page of The Libelium Annual IoT Conference 2018