Wtech – El reto de atraer a más mujeres a la tecnología: 24 January 2019, Zaragoza, ES

Three women recognized for spreading the essentials of women’s presence in the technology sector, in the future with business and vocational directors and referents in technical careers. In the conference, the following topics will be discussed: education in equality, wage gap, conciliation and glass ceiling. The experiences of each one of the speakers will inspire the audience and motivate the dialogue in the round table.

Cristina Amoribieta, Finance and Human Resources Director at Libelium, will be joining the conference under the premise: “Retention of female talent in the tech sector: the need for diversity”. Cristina Aranda, Chief Marketing Officer in Intelygenz, and María Villarroya, PhD in Electronic Engineering, will be joining the conference which will take place on the 24th January at 12:00 in the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce.

Check the complete program in the official web page of the event.