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Plug&Sense Industrial Ready Modbus RS232

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:54 am
by vanhapie_iwb
we bought Plug & Sense! 4-20 mA LoRaWAN EU (Industrial ready) together with
DB9 probe (accessory for Plug & Sense). First we put the device in to our LoRaWAN Network by using socket0 for the LoRa-Board. we were able to send a data stringto our Server. So now the next Thing to do was to get the Serial Interface running with the modbus protocol over rs232. as test Environment i configured a wgo 8202 to be used as a Serial slave with adress 1 and 9600,no parity , 2 stopbits. The communication with a test PC to the wago using modscan, worked perfect! so now we implemented the code in to the Libelium for reading over the Serial RS232 Interface using the same Baudrate, parity ans stopbits : negative result. no data Messages are send out from the libelium!! so we commented out the lora-code to have only the modbus Software active. The same reults no data comming from the Serial Interface!!!! the same for using socket0 and socket1. (electrically nothing happens at the RS232 interfacecable!!) We are using the latest(?) API in Windows V028. This is all a bit frustrating especially the given examples do not work! and the box is sealed so we cannot control if the connector is moounted correctly inside!
Wath to do next? can i open the boxwithout loosing warranty? Can you supply a working example? what socket is for the Serial interfac (obiviously number 1 because the LoRaWan module is using socket0)?
A waiting a quick Response
Best regârds Pieter

Re: Plug&Sense Industrial Ready Modbus RS232

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:56 pm
by libelium-dev
Hi Pieter,

Your sales agent will contact you in order to send the instruction to solve the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.