Water Leakage Sensor

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Water Leakage Sensor

Post by tahatolga » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:05 pm


I am currently working on Plug & Sense Smart Security for Water leakage(9295-P). I used Ev_v30_06_water_leakage_line example code for reading sensor data.

RTC INT captured
Sensor output: Water not detected
enter deep sleep
wake up

I put sensor inside water. However, I couldn’t see that water detected signal.

I upload an other example which is Ev_v30_06_liquid_presence.

RTC INT captured

Sensor output: Water not detected
Voltage: 0.532 Volts
Resistance: 52.000 kohms
Voltage output: Water detected!
enter deep sleep

I still got water not detected from sensor output. However, this time there is voltage output more than 0.2 Volts. So, voltage output says there is water. Water can be detected on loop with the voltage output but there is a problem. Sensor Interrupt doesn’t work. I believe interrupt works only with the sensor output this reason we cannot get interrupt with voltage output.

So, How can I make sensor output and interrupts to work properly?

I am using most updated version of Waspmote ide. I didn’t change any code on examples. I only change Socket information. I checked which socket is available for 9295-P on Smart Security.

Thank you

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Re: Water Leakage Sensor

Post by libelium-dev » Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:16 am


Water leakage sensor is an analog sensor, so the voltage generate by the sensor must be around 2 volts to trigger the interruption. We developed a code in which you can set some the ranges from dry to wet in the sensor to know the state of it. So you should use Ev_v30_05 example code and you must do field test to set the state values

Code: Select all

#define DRY 0.0
#define WET 0.2
#define VERY_WET 1.0

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