[Reference] GPRS_PRO checklist

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[Reference] GPRS_PRO checklist

Post by libelium-dev » Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:59 pm

Dear all,

Before using the GPRS_PRO module (SIM900) we kindly ask you to check next steps to avoid the most common mistakes and speed up our support.
  1. Check if the SIM card is right inserted.
  2. Check if the SIM card is enabled (for data and calls) and has credit.
  3. PIN CODE: Check if the SIM card has the PIN code enabled / Disabled. It is recommendable to disable PIN code during testing because it speed up the connection time and avoid mistakes. When enabled, be sure that you are setting the PIN code OK because you only have three attempts. If the three attempts fail, the the PUK code will be asked.
  4. Check if you are not out of signal range. Go outdoors if necessary. Check the example GPRS_PRO_10.
  5. Check the antenna connection.
  6. Check the APN parameters on WaspGPRS_Pro_core.h are the right ones for your operator. Ask you operator if you do not know that. Libelium do not know the APN parameters for each operator.
  7. Check if battery is right inserted and charged. the level should be above 20%. Check the example PWR_04.
  8. Test the lost call example GPRS_PRO_06.
  9. Test SMS example GPRS_PRO_08.
  10. Test FTP, check if the FTP is properly configured, and also if the file you are trying to upload exist on the SD card. see example GPRS_PRO_20

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Re: [Reference] GPRS_PRO checklist

Post by weicky » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:10 pm


Thank you for this useful checklist!

I bought a GPRS PRO module and my problem is the coverage. I think that with this technology it wouldn't be a problem...

Do you have any recommendations in order to improve the antenna's scope? I tested it inside a building and, in the afternoon, the ratio (succesfully sent/attempts) was between 5% and 15%.

This morning It raised until 70% - 90%.

Thank you in advance.


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