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[FAQ] Most common Waspmote issues.

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:05 pm
by libelium-dev
Below are listed the most common issues that may arise when using Waspmote for the first time.
  • My Waspmote is rebooting, What can I do?
    Check the battery connection, It should be connected to Waspmote. When using radio modules and sensor boards, USB is not able to provide enough current.
  • My Waspmote does not work correctly, the code is blocked or it is rebooting when I use XBee, gps, 3G, gprs or any module that needs high power.
    Check the battery charge with example PWR_04. We do not recommend working with battery levels under 30%.
  • How can I charge battery faster with USB?
    Uploading a code that does not waste energy, for instance the DeepSleep example, but enlarging sleeping time as follows
    • Original line: PWR.deepSleep("00:00:00:10",RTC_OFFSET,RTC_ALM1_MODE1,ALL_OFF);
    • Larger time: PWR.deepSleep("00:00:30:00",RTC_OFFSET,RTC_ALM1_MODE1,ALL_OFF);
    A complete battery charge can last 24 hours using solar panel connector or 66 hours with USB cable.
  • I get this error message: “Programmer is not responding”
    1. First, check Waspmote switches, They must be in ON position (the farthest form the USB connector)
    2. Check if right USB Serial Port is selected.
    3. Unplug all connectors (power and USB) and plug them again.
  • I get this error message: “avrdude: stk500_paged_write(): (a) protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x44
    avrdude: stk500_cmd(): programmer is out of sync”

    You can get this error if you are uploading the code repeatedly before complete the "uploading process".
  • My XBee modules can't communicate to each other. what can I do?
    1. Check that both XBee have same networking parameters (PANID, CHANNEL, etc).
    2. Check destination MAC address.
    3. If you can not connect, you can use XBee example codes: Configure parameters, send packets and receive packets.
    You can find more communication examples in:
  • My Waspmote does not wake up!
  • How can I build packets easily?
    Waspmote have a library for this called Frame, you can get more information here: ... ame-guide/

    Also, you can get examples here: ... bcat=frame
  • My Waspmote is not saving the RTC time stamp
    If you remove the battery, the time stamp is lost.
  • How can I check my Waspmote hardware?
    You can use this code to check your hardware: ... test-code/

    To know what parameters are checked, you can read example notes.