Question about sniffer

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Question about sniffer

Post by dvil88 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:08 pm


I'm working with waspmote development kit and i have a computer with debian emulating Meshlium, the problem is in the sniffer, when i run it this is what i receive:

Code: Select all

./sniffer S0 19200
setting speed 19200
??Ɔ% ?!??!??!?D?b???Ɔ% %?!?A?? aE?F????% %??Q A?? ?B:?A0?cC?????BL?QC??QB?ΏBKb???Ɔ% %???Q
C??QR?ΏBK??Ɔ%? %?!?? Ay? a??D???Ɔ%? %?!? A?? a?B:???Ɔ% %?!???A?? a??D?
???^% %?!?? A?? a??=???Ɔ% %?!?? A?$ a??D???Ɔ% %??!?? A?? a??D???Ɔ%
?%?!??!??????b???Ɔ% %?!? AŤ? a??EC??Ɔ%? %?!??? ݥ? a??D????% %?!????
I have tried in different computers and with different waspmote codes. Am I doing something wrong?

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