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Meshlium doesnt work

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:48 am
by Ibaitnt
We have two Meshlium with two faults which we have detected at the same time, so we have even left without the spare Meshlium and we are losing data, so we need to make one of them work, if you think we have to send you one or both equipments tell us, that there is no problem.
The first Meshlium does not allow us to access the ethernet or wifi, however it is visible.
The second Meshlium started giving us "PIN error" by entering the PIN and APN code parameters.
A time ago you passed us a Pen Drive with a "Reset" code for the Meshlium, however the Pen Drive stopped working and it had to be formatted so that it would work again.
Maybe you can send us by mail the file or the files to reset the equipment.
Greetings and we would greatly appreciate it if you indicate how we should proceed to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Re: Meshlium doesnt work

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:30 am
by libelium-dev

Our colleagues from tech have contacted you in order to solve the issue. Please continue the conversation through mail.