[Reference] Writing your first post

Questions about the Waspmote v15 and its modules
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[Reference] Writing your first post

Post by libelium-dev » Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:25 pm

Dear all readers.

Before writing down a post into Libelium forum, it is a good idea to ask yourself next questions, to see if have done first steps correctly.

FAQ 1: I have technical questions, what can I do?
You should read the documentation and the examples thoroughly available here:

FAQ 2: I did study the documentation and examples and I still have questions, what's next?
Please go to the forum and use the search engine: http://www.libelium.com/forum/ It is highly probable that your question has already been solved. Also, make sure you read the Checklist post.

If you are going to post a new inquiry into Libelium forum, please follow next guidelines to allow our developers to understand what is your inquiry about.
  1. Always post the code you are using. Use edit/Copy for forum.
  2. Paste the output of your code.
  3. Describe configuration of your modules and exact conditions of your test.
  4. Read again the documentation about the modules you are using.
Doing these tips you will speed up the conversation and the time till achieve a solution will be reduced.

During the forum conversation, these question may arise:

FAQ 3: I need dedicated support, what is the process?
The default support way is the forum. Obviously, we cannot develop each project for each customer. In the forum, we answer to specific, punctual questions regarding to our devices.
Libelium offers the eLearning service for those customers who need special, dedicated support. If you feel you need more help than we give in the forum, you can have a face-to-face conversation with one of our Technical Support engineers; please contact the Sales Department to get a quote:

FAQ 5: Can Libelium develop an ad-hoc project for my company?
Yes, of course. We can develop software or hardware+software projects for our customers. Please contact the Sales Department.

FAQ 6: One of my devices stopped working, it seems to be broken. Can you repair it?
Certainly. First, we should check on the forum that it is really broken. If so, we can start an RMA (return merchandise authorization), which is the process to get your items repaired at Libelium. If our engineers detect hardware problems on the forum, they will send you to the RMA web form and when you fill it, you will get clear instructions.

FAQ 7: When is an RMA covered by the warranty?
The customer must follow the RMA process and wait for an RMA number authorization. The customer always pays for the shipping to Libelium. If the material was purchased one year ago is suitable to be covered by the warranty and in this case the rest of costs in the operation are payed by Libelium. If the material was damaged by bad usage, if there is not a failure, or if the RMA process was not respected, then this RMA is not in warranty and all costs are covered by the customer.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Best regards.

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