GPS not working

Questions about the Waspmote v15 and its modules
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GPS not working

Post by jburgues » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:45 am


I cannot get the GPS_01_gettin_basic_data example working on my waspMote.

See below serial output with with GPS_DEBUG enabled in WaspGPS.h:

GPS_01 example
[GPS] Command: $PSRF100,0,115200,8,1,0*04
[GPS] Command: A0A200188102010101010101050101010101000100000001000012C00167B0B3
[GPS] init command not found.
[GPS] check
[GPS] parseRMC
[GPS] no GPS data
[GPS] check
[GPS] parseRMC
[GPS] no GPS data

Why this "init command not found"?

Thanks for your help,

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Re: GPS not working

Post by libelium-dev » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:30 am


Could you please share with us an image of the waspmote bottom board to check if the GPS module is connected properly to waspmote?

Could you please test the GPS module outside with a direct line of sight to the sky in order to achieve good coverage?


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