P&S PCS configuration for In-Situ Troll 200

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P&S PCS configuration for In-Situ Troll 200

Post by nguillou » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:35 am


As part of one of my project, I acquired 5 P&S devices; 4 of these devices are equipped with RS-485 / Modbus Module and DB-9 probes to integrate with 4 In-Situ Troll 200 peziometers
I also subscribed to Programming Cloud Services (Pro) for easy configuration

What are the configuration steps to integrate the In-Situ devices ; Only PCS configuration is required ? If yes, only baud rate (19200) or also input registers? In that case where can I find the values of Slave Adrress, Register Address and number of registers/

I believe In-Situ Troll 200 integration has been made previously. I can see some old post but nothing related to PCS and integration of RS485 device

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Re: P&S PCS configuration for In-Situ Troll 200

Post by libelium-dev » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:14 am


You have to set the address of the device and the registers to read using the Add Action button. You need to check that information in the datasheet of your sensor.


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