Changes from Waspmote v12 to Waspmote v15

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Changes from Waspmote v12 to Waspmote v15

Post by libelium_admin » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:11 pm

Dear Customer,

The current versions of Waspmote (v1.2) and Plug & Sense! (v1.2) were released in 2012. Since then, more than 10,000 developers have been using the platform, posting suggestions and informing of possible improvements via our forum and Technical Service

We have carefully listened to all of them and updated both the Waspmote API and hardware architecture in order to include the most important and useful improvements and suggestions. The result is the new version 1.5 that sees the light in October 2016.

In the current document you can find what changes have been made related to the API, SDK and hardware designs and what implications they have compared with the previous version.

The good news are that most of the code of v12 will be compatible with v15, so it will be pretty easy to move your source codes to the new version. Only minimum changes will be needed, anyway we will be happy to support you in the migration process. For this purpose, we have created a special thread in our forum:

Our IoT Gateway Meshlium also moves from 3.5 to 4.0 version and gets also a new hardware and software architecture, making it more powerful and easy to use.

As well as the technical improvements, we made a big effort in getting the new products ready for the major markets in the World. So we are proud to say that both Plug & Sense! and Meshlium are the first IoT platforms to be fully certified: CE (Europe) / FCC (US) / IC (Canada) / ANATEL (Brazil) / RCM (Australia) / PTCRB (US) / AT&T (US).

We want to specially thank all developers that have given us their feedback to improve the platform and encourage them to keep on doing the same with the current Waspmote, Plug & Sense! and Meshlium versions. We hope developers can take advantage of all these new features to perform easily any IoT project.

Best regards.

David Gascón
Libelium CTO

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