AWS Stuck at connecting

How to configure Meshlium or use the Manager System
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AWS Stuck at connecting

Post by sganesh30 » Thu May 16, 2019 6:47 pm


I am trying to connect to AWS IoT instance as showed in your manual. I setup the Meshlium gateway and uploaded all certificates. I am not getting beyond the connecting step on logs
g_log_level = 3
g_mqttserver =
g_mqttport = 8883
g_mqttuser = SanthoshPub
g_qos = 0
g_meshlium_name = GA075mesh001
g_dbpass = libelium2007
Template Topic: $aws/things/SanthoshClientDevice/shadow/update
Template Message: {
"id": "#ID#",
"id_wasp": "#ID_WASP#",
"id_secret": "#ID_SECRET#",
"sensor": "#SENSOR#",
"value": "#VALUE#",
"datetime": "#TIMESTAMP#"

Executing query: SELECT id, id_wasp, id_secret, frame_type, frame_number, sensor, value, timeStamp, sync FROM MeshliumDB.sensorParser WHERE sync & 33554432 = FALSE ORDER BY timestamp DESC LIMIT 200
Please let me know why the log is not proceeding beyond this


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Re: AWS Stuck at connecting

Post by libelium-dev » Fri May 17, 2019 9:30 am


What is the manager system version of Meshlium? Could you try to update Meshlium to the last version available (4.1.4)?


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