Enable Bluetooth interface with Python

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Enable Bluetooth interface with Python

Post by ubicamovil » Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:34 pm


I´m trying to transmit Beacon frames using the BT antennas of Meshlium.

I´m using PyBeacon (PyThon) packages that run over the BT interface (HCITOOLS) of a Linux machine.

My issue is the next:

At the moment I enable the service, the system throws me this error message: Can't get device info: No such device.

What's the Bluetooth interface that I must use in Meshlium?, this interface must be similar to the hci0.

Or, what kind of configuration we must realize over the Meshlium for that work in a very well.

PS. I have the root access and Meshilum scanner v4

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Re: Enable Bluetooth interface with Python

Post by libelium-dev » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:59 am

Hi ubicamovil,

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Best regards

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