Smart parking sensors credentials

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Smart parking sensors credentials

Post by loayalawi » Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:49 pm

I am using a Multitech LoRaWAN gateway, when I try to connect the smart parking senors to the gateway, the gateway asks for the following address of the sensors:

- Device EUI

- Class (Choose from A, B or C)

- App EUI

- App Key

- Serial Number

- Product ID

- Hardware Version

- Firmware version

- LoRaWAN version

not sure where to find these address...

Also, if we manage to connect the sensors to the gateway, could we get some guidance on how to create the nodered fllow which will show us the data? Or is there is any other way of showing the data of the sensors (whether the parking bay is used or it is free)?

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Re: Smart parking sensors credentials

Post by libelium-dev » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:10 am


The Device EUI, APP EUI and App key are configured through the smart device app. You have to configure it according to your backend or base station. Those parameter are necessaries to be able to communicate between them but the other parameters are optional, we don't fill that parameters. ... df#page=27

Anyway, the LoRaWAN module used is the Microchip RN2483. Here you can find more information

We are sorry but we just provide the hardware, each customer create its own solutions. We have some partners like Yazamtec that has been developed a solution for parking nodes data.


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