*READ ME FIRST*: Meshlium Donnot's

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*READ ME FIRST*: Meshlium Donnot's

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The following list shows just some of the actions that produce the most common failures and warranty-voiding cases. Complete documentation about usage can be found at:


Failure to comply with the recommendations of use will entail the guarantee cancellation.

1 - Do not access Meshlium with the shell terminal unless you have advanced Linux skills. Use the Meshlium Manager web application in order to configure and setup Meshlium. A bad usage of the shell terminal commands may leave Meshlium without connection or within a unstable mode. All the failures derived from a wrong usage of the shell terminal are not covered under the warranty.

2 - In the case you configured Meshlium through the terminal, there is not a method to take Meshlium to the configuration by default: the only way to get connection again is sending Meshlium back to Libelium and hiring this service. However, if you only use the Manager System, you can always go to the default configuration by clicking the “Presets” button.

3 - Do not interrupt the power supply before shutting down Meshlium properly through the "Shutdown" or "Restart" buttons in the Manager System or through the restart-secure and shutdown-secure commands from the terminal. If you do not do so you may take the system corrupted.

4 - If you need to modify a file or directory, after executing the command remountrw and modifying it, execute immediately the command remountro.

5 - In the case of developing an application for Meshlium, store the files in /mnt/user and not in other directory.

6 - Regarding packages:
  • * Do not ever use the 'apt-get' command; if needed, use the 'aptitude' command.
    * Do not ever make an 'upgrade' command of the entire system (not even using 'aptitude').
    * Before installing new packages with 'aptitude', execute the 'update' option.

1 - Do not open the Meshlium enclosure in any case. This will automatically make the warranty void.

2 - Do not handle the numbered metallic seals in the screws of Meshlium (in the new version): their integrity is the proof that the Meshlium enclosure has not been opened. If they have been handled, opened or broken, the warranty is void. In the previous version, the same terms apply to the special sticker seal.

3 - Do not submerge Meshlium in liquids.

4 - Do not place Meshlium on places or equipment where the device could be exposed to shocks and/or vibrations.

5 - Do not expose Meshlium to temperatures below -20 ºC or above 50 ºC.

6 - Meshlium's microprocessor must not overpass 70 ºC. The user must make sure that this temperature is never reached, especially when using Wifi Scan.

7 - Do not power Meshlium with other power sources than the original provided by Libelium.


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