Smart Water Extreme Seriel error

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Smart Water Extreme Seriel error

Post by Happy_code » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:24 pm

Hello We just bouth the smart water extreme weeks ago. "plug & sense 868 EU"

We down loaded the IDE (v.16) and upload the "Waspmote_factory_default_code.pde" to the board. Instead of showing any "hello world", it simply shows some strage random strings like:
oãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJoãsÿcçzêÒRJ "

Meanwhile, when we click on "tools" --> "get board info"; it says unkown board! The languge is setted up to "english" in the IDE.

Also in Meshlium, it says "cannot find waspmote in the database". We ensure the xbee parameters are correct.

So what is happening? Is it a broken smart water extreme? :-)

Thank you for the answering!

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Re: Smart Water Extreme Seriel error

Post by libelium-dev » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:42 am


Please. check that you have selected 115200 baud in the serial monitor in the foldable at the bottom right corner of the serial monitor windows.


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