Decagon High Quality Sensors Integration

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With the aim to provide a higher level of accuracy in smart agriculture, farming, and green spaces applications, Libelium developed several new smart nodes to integrate some of the most accurate sensors of the well-known sensor manufacturer Decagon. With this project, developed with the 5TE, 10HS and GS3 Decagon sensors, Libelium solution enhances the quality and the quantity of the crop production and is able to monitor the health of parks and green spaces with higher accuracy.

The creation of several new agricultural Smart nodes, based on Libelium technological platform, made possible not only the integration of new Decagon sensors but also keeping the communication versatility and user-friendly programming of Libelium’s Waspmote platform.

With this new solution, based on Waspmote platform, the new nodes are able to handle Libelium’s radio modules and send the collected information to a Libelium Meshlium IoT Gateway, allowing Libelium costumers to monitor and synchronize the collected data with several Cloud platform in a very accurate and robust manner.

More information reading the following use case:

Sustainable Farming and the IoT: Cocoa Research Station in Indonesia

“We are excited to have partnered with Libelium to develop our Smart Garden solution. We expect to develop other monitoring systems in several gardens and public parks along with Spain, especially in southern regions such as Alicante, Murcia, or Andalusia”.

  • Miguel David Botia
    IoT project Manager of Intelkia

“The system optimizes water consumption because it irrigates with the proper amount according to weather conditions and the plants’ needs”

  • Cristina Vila
    General Manager of Water Cycle in the city

Key elements of the integration:

  • Decagon 5TE, 10 HS, and GS3 high precision agriculture sensors
  • SQ-110 Solar radiation sensor
  • Meshlium IoT gateway
  • Waspmote PRO
  • Ad-Hoc sensor board
  • Radios: XBee 802.15.4, 868 and LoRa 868 Radio modules