New Expansion Radio Board for Waspmote

The new expansion board allows to connect two radios at the same time in the Waspmote sensor platform. This means a lot of different combinations are now possible using any of the six radios available for Waspmote: 802.15.4, ZigBee, Bluetooth, RFID, Wifi and GPRS.

Some of the possible combinations are:

  • ZigBee – Bluetooth
  • ZigBee – RFID
  • ZigBee – Wifi
  • ZigBee – GPRS
  • Bluetooth – RFID
  • etc.

An example of a real application which uses two radios is the Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Platform wich uses the Bluetooth radio as a sensor in order to discover Bluetooth devices and the ZigBee radio to send the information using multihop capabilities to the ZigBee gateway of the network which send the information to the Internet.


If you need more information go to the Waspmote section or contact us and one of our engineers will give you further information abour all the possibilities of this technology.