Glories Square – Smart Historic Centre

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The aim of this Smart City project was to design a wireless sensor network to monitor how some sporadic works were affecting the historic and iconic Glories Square in Barcelona.

The solution proposed was based on the deployment of several Libelium nodes around the square, which measured city-related parameters and communicated them to a remote location by a mobile network. The system was price-affordable and energy-autonomous using solar panels.

From a technical point of view, this issue was solved by developing sketches to manage the noise and dust sensors and to handle the micro-SD card and both 3G and WiFi modules. In this way, the system was able to upload the collected data to a remote server periodically and also to keep it in an up-to-date register.

“Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense Sensor platform has allowed us to control and act when needed, maintaining the level of quality and reducing the risk of damage due to the works”

Main elements involved in the project:

  • Plug&Sense! Smart Cities
  • GP2Y1010AU0F Dust sensor
  • Microphone POM-2735P-R Noise sensor