High Precision Smart Environment Nodes

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This project, developed in Málaga (Spain), started with the objective of monitoring environment parameters for a city pollution control application, to achieve a better precision from the standard environment product line of Libelium portfolio.

This issue was addressed by the creation of a new Smart Environment node based on Libelium Waspmote platform. The key was to retain Waspmote radio modularity, user-friendly handling, and low-consumption basis even using a more accurate and less flexible data acquisition system.

The development associated with the project could be summarized with the creation of the hardware and software (API) to integrate the three gases AFE from Alpha Sense. So, the new environment platform allows reading, with high accuracy, the ambient concentration of CO, O3, and NO2, adding an atmospheric pressure sensor, humidity, and temperature sensor. Easy-to-understand examples were also provided to clearly illustrate the new node functioning and to help developers to build their own applications.

“Working with Libelium has enabled us to develop a flexible, strong, autonomous, calibrated and real-time sensing solution”

Key elements of the integration:

  • Alphasense 3-Way AFE
  • Alphasense CO Sensor
  • Alphasense NO2 Sensor
  • Alphasense O3 Sensor
  • Sensirion Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Bosch BMP180 pressure sensor
  • GPRS Radio module
  • Waspmote Plug&Sense!