Internet of Things Marathon for Makers, 12th-21st April, TechShop Menlo Park, USA

Cooking Hacks will be present at TechShop making an “Internet of Things Marathon for Makers”, which takes place in TechShop Menlo Park (USA), from 12th-21st April.

Alicia Asin will give a speech about Open Hardware and Internet of Things and our engineers will make some workshops about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Waspmote and e-Health.

All those interested in attending the event can get their admission ticket at no cost here.

  • Click here to register for the Keynote Presentation (April 12)
  • Click here to register for Arduino to Raspberry Pi Bridge (April 20)
  • Click here to register for e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino (April 20)
  • Click here to register for Waspmote – How to Get Started with the Internet of Things (April 21)