Libelium gets Actility Interoperability Certification for Waspmote OEM and Plug & Sense! with LoRaWAN

The test carried out between Libelium Waspmote PRO and Actility Gateway Kerlink LRR Version 1.8.7 has been successful. This means that Libelium Waspmote OEM and Plug & Sense! Platforms are interoperable with Actility Gateways or receptors. During the certification process the communication protocol used has been LoRaWAN.

Actility is the provider of ThingPark, the Internet of Things and M2M service platform. It is also a Demand Response aggregator and smart energy management provider.

“LoRa powered by Actility offers KPN all of the benefits of a new class of IoT networks; low-power, low-overhead, and low-cost plus advantages including true two-way communication, localization and dynamic bandwidth assignment”, Jacob Groote, VP Mobile Operations at KPN.