Libelium in “The Outcome Economy”

Libelium has been quoted as an example of how the industrial IoT is changing every business in the last book of Joseph Barkai. “The Outcome Economy” analyses current trends, main challenges, case studies and the importance of predictive analytic in IoT sector.

Our IoT solutions for Smart Agriculture in European vineyards has served as an example for the author to enhance that the industrial IoT brings about a range of new business models for delivering and monetizing value harvested from connected devices. “Using historical data combined with a database of pests and diseases and forecasts algorithms, the software assesses the risk of disease development and helps optimize spraying to achieve maximum impact and minimize damage to the environment”, argues Joseph Barkai in “Big Cranes and Digital Vineyards” chapter.

The Outcome Economy” looks well beyond the simple concept of connectivity to delve into the specific ways in which new value is being created, and how that will alter the most basic economics of how we live, work, and play. It offers a concrete understanding of how the Internet of Things is transforming business models by taking the quantum leap from companies that make promises about products, to companies that promise outcomes; a collaborative and interconnected world in which success hinges on how well you can integrate your organization as part of a complex ecosystem that will align itself around outcomes and innovation

“The strength of the IoT stems from its networking ecosystems. Diverse ecosystems help organizations create and participate in a broader portfolio of customer-value services”, concludes Joe Barkai in “The Internet of Things and Digital Transformation” chapter. One of Libelium keys to success is its interoperability to allow the company be an important member in IoT ecosystem.

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