Libelium joins Netmore’s LoRaWAN marketplace, an European IoT Operator

Netmore Lorawan network

Libelium joins the LoRaWAN network that Netmore has woven with several municipalities, municipal companies and other partners in Europe to drive the positive impact of IoT.

Following the philosophy of always partnering with the best professionals in each field, Libelium signs an agreement with Netmore to use its LoRaWAN network for smart city and utility projects in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, as well as in the UK and Ireland where the network is expanding.

Libelium joins Netmore network
Cities and municipalities have a big challenge ahead with the Sustainable Development Goals and Libelium wants to help them build more efficient, sustainable and friendly cities.

The agreement that Libelium and Netmore have signed also implies the inclusion of several of Libelium’s ready-to-use solutions in the Netmore Market, Netmore’s IoT marketplace for decision-makers.

Libelium’s Smart Parking, Air Quality Environment, Smart Cities and Smart Water solutions are already available on the Netmore Market. Better water management, measures to reduce air pollution or more efficient control of city parking spaces are now easier with Libelium’s IoT technology and Netmore’s LoRaWAN network.

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