Marca España awards Libelium’s CEO Alicia Asín to represent Spanish international talent program

Alicia Asin, Libelium’s CEO and co-founder, has been recognized with “Hechos de Talento” (Made of Talent) by Marca España, following the campaign to give international visibility to Spain’s prestige.

“Hechos de Talento” attempts to give public recognition to ten Spaniards who, in their particular areas of expertise, contribute to enhance the reputation, development and image of Spain.

Alicia, as an IoT and Smart Cities expert, is one of the ten award winners and has been included inside the category of business, advertising and finance.

The talent project is an initiative of Marca España and was created by Clear Channel, ESIC School of Business and several media corporations, in order to give relevance to professionals who will become the worldwide image of Spain’s talent thanks to their background and knowledge.

The project featured over 540 candidates who uploaded their profiles. Alicia Asín was the most voted candidate in the business category, in a campaign launched through social networks, and her profile was elected as the winner following the deliberation by a professional jury.

Watch an introductory video below.