Meet IoT 2015, October 1 & 2. Turin, Italy

Libelium will attend Meet IoT 2015, next October in Turin, Italy.

Meet IoT Conference will feature several panels covering relevant aspects of the IoT such as economic development, research fields, social challenges and the impact on manufacturing.

Join David Bordonada, KAM of Education, and Ana Sancho, KAM – Agriculture and Water Quality, in the Panel 1 – Economic Development to know different business models enabled by the IoT, on October 1st at 11:00 am.

The conference will also include an exhibition of five different IoT scenarios: smart cities, eHealth and wellness, manufacturing, agrifood and domotics.

Meet IoT will be held at two venues: Toolbox Coworking Lab and FabLab Turin.

Check the list of panelists and the complete program on