Meshlium adds a new Bluetooth module which double signal receptions

Meshlium Bluetooth

Meshlium Scanner receives a significant improvement with the incorporation of a new Bluetooth Low Energy module that includes the acquisition of BLE signals, what wearables use.


Meshlium BLE module captures devices that until now went unnoticed for Meshlium Scanner such as watches or wrist bands. In addition, as these devices do not randomize MAC addresses, the monitoring is constant. This is an important advance for Smart Retail projects in stores, shops and shopping centers because enhances tracking customer paths across store layouts to upgrade merchandise placement and marketing strategies.

This module is installed next to the other Bluetooth module that Meshlium already has, and sends the signals to the same database, leaving at the user’s discretion the removal or not of duplicates captured by both Bluetooth modules.

If you want to add this module to your Meshlium 4.1.9 or superior, contact our Libelium Sales Team