Monitoring Turbidity in Smart Water

Monitoring Turbidity in Smart Water

The main objective of this project, developed in South Korea, was to develop a new water-sensing technology capable of monitoring, with high accuracy, parameters non-included in the Libelium’s catalog but keeping the company’s approach to flexible, low-consumption and price-affordable solutions.

The provided solution relied on the design of a new Smart Water solution. In this sense, the node was not only able to measure all the included water parameters, but also a new turbidity sensor, still using the rest of Plug&Sense! technology including IP65 casing and compatibility with Waspmote radio modules and IDE.

With that purpose, it was developed both the needed hardware and software allowing Waspmote to communicate with this new sensor. In this way, it was integrated the NTU turbidity sensor into the Waspmote Plug&Sense! the platform, assuring its compliance with the ISO 7027 standard and ensuring long-useful life and providing tools to recalibrate the probe in order to maintain an adequate level of accuracy over time.

“Thanks to the real-time measures provided by Libelium sensor nodes we could detect changes in the water optimal conditions now in minutes, ensuring the quickest reaction and minimizing the damage”

Key elements of the integration:

  • IR optical sensor with optical fibre
  • RS485 Modbus
  • Waspmote PRO
  • Smart Water Sensor Board
  • Waspmote Plug&Sense!
  • Zigbee radio module